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Latest NewsRussian President Vladimir Putin suffers heart attack, found lying on floor: Reports

Russian President Vladimir Putin suffers heart attack, found lying on floor: Reports


Chandigarh, Oct 24 : Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly suffered a heart attack and was “resuscitated” after collapsing in his bedroom in Moscow, reports the

A video of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been fuelling speculation about his after eagle-eyed observers noticed a scar on his neck, the media reported.

The clip began circulating online before reports emerged claiming the President had suffered a heart attack and had to receive intensive care, Express UK reported.

The footage shows Putin speaking at an unspecified public event, a scar clearly marking his neck — with some analysts suggesting it might be theresult of ‘resusciatation' procedures.

A Telegram channel believed to belong to a former Kremlin official claimed Putin's health had sparked huge “alarm” across Moscow.

The channel – General SVR – suggested all recent appearances by the Russian dictator, including foreign visits, have been carried out by a body double or doubles.

It claimed that doctors had to resuscitate Putin before taking him to a special intensive care facility located within his official residence.

“Doctors performed resuscitation, having previously determined that the president was in cardiac arrest,” reported the channel. “Help was provided on time, the heart was started and Putin regained consciousness.”

There was no immediate response from the Kremlin to the claim but officials have previously strongly denied Putin, 71, suffers from health problems.

The post on General SVR – which claimed, without having ever provided any proof, to have an inside source on his entourage – continued: “At about 21.05 Moscow time, security officers of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who were on duty at the residence, heard noise and sounds of falling coming from the president's bedroom. Two security officers immediately followed into the president's bedroom and saw Putin lying on the floor next to the bed and an overturned table with food and drinks.

The channel alleged that “the president was moved to a specially equipped room in his residence, where the necessary medical equipment for resuscitation had already been installed”, adding that the president's condition was “stabilised” and he is “under constant medical supervision”.

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