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EditorialResponse to misplaced contentions!

Response to misplaced contentions!


The recent statement issued by a group of Sikhs from regarding the ongoing dispute between and Canada over the killing of alleged ‘Khalistan'i proponent Hardeep Singh Nijjar raises important questions about the motives behind this controversy.

While it may initially seem like a mere political ploy to gain votes in upcoming elections, a deeper analysis reveals that there may be some validity to the concerns expressed by the Sikh community in the Kashmir Valley.

Firstly, it should be acknowledged that Sikhs are an integral part of India and the overwhelming majority of them do not support the idea of ‘Khalistan'. Only a small number of individuals with separatist ideologies have been associated with the ‘Khalistan'movement, both within the country and abroad. Therefore, it is unlikely that there is significant support for this notion within India.

Given the current situation where Canada has accused India of involvement in Nijjar's killing, and India has vehemently denied any role in the incident, it is important to consider the ulterior motives of those who are inflating the issue of ‘Khalistan'

The suggestion that the ‘Khalistan' narrative is being developed in a similar fashion to the Kashmir issue for political gain holds some weight. The Kashmir issue has been a long-standing source of conflict between India and Pakistan, and it is possible that some individuals or groups are using the ‘Khalistan' issue as a means to further their own political agenda.

However, it is crucial to handle this sensitive issue with caution and not dismiss the concerns raised by the Kashmir-based Sikh body. While it may be true that the support for ‘Khalistan' is limited, it is important for the Indian government to take action against any individuals or organizations that are actively propagating this illegal demand.

Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee has also strongly opposed any such attempt of dividing the country. Manjinder Sirsa, DSGMC President has said that the US-based pro-‘Khalistan'group Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) is misleading Sikhs and the youth of the country. He strongly rejected such a movement that talks about breaking the country.

It is also essential to protect members of the Sikh community who are against the idea of ‘Khalistan'from any form of harassment or discrimination, as this would only serve the vested interests of certain political parties or groups.

The Central Government must approach this issue with a balanced perspective. It is vital that Government of India should act against those supporting this illegal demand but at the very same time, the onus also lies on the government that no member of the Sikh community who is against this ‘weird' idea of ‘Khalistan'should be traumatized or harassed just to satiate vested interests of any of the political party or group of people, or for political gains.


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