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    EditorialRahul’s London Talk may backfire!

    Rahul’s London Talk may backfire!



    After much restraint, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi finally snubbed the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi without naming him. Giving a befitting reply to Congress MP over his recent loose comments in the UK, PM Modi said that no force in the can harm the democratic traditions of . He said, “India is not only the largest democracy, but it is the mother of democracy. It is unfortunate that questions are being raised in London on India's democracy.”

    Without taking Rahul Gandhi's name, PM Modi lashes out at him for his comments in the UK where he had alleged that democracy is under threat in India under the Modi government. Rahul Gandhi had even questioned the USA and Europe for not interfering in India.

    Addressing a public meeting at Dharwad in Karnataka, PM Modi said that he was fortunate to have inaugurated the statue of Bhagwan Basaveshwar in London –whose Anubhav Mandapam was the unique experience of democracy. But it is unfortunate that in the same London, questions were raised about India's democracy. The roots of Indian democracy are nourished by the centuries-old history we have. No force in the world can harm the democratic traditions of India. Despite this fact, there are some people who are continuously questioning Indian democracy. They are insulting Bhagwan Basaveshwar. They are insulting the people of Karnataka, the democratic traditions of India, and the 130 crore aware people of India. The people of Karnataka should be alert to these people.” It is notable that on 2nd March 2023, Rahul Gandhi launched one of his usual attacks on the Modi government and said that it was undermining the democracy of India. While delivering a presentation at Cambridge University, Rahul Gandhi said that the Israeli spyware Pegasus was being used to monitor his phone.

    However, the question remains: is Rahul Gandhi befuddled, or is he following a plan devised, wittingly or unwittingly, by forces hostile to India?! This question arises as individuals such as George Soros have volunteered and openly declared their intention to interfere in our country's political process. Should this Rahul Gandhi be believed by Indians here and abroad, the one who shames India accusing that democracy has ceased to exist contrary to the evidences. Strangely, How the Congress men can blame India for curbing the democracy despite the vibrant institutions of flourishing democracy, while their hands are soiled with the bloods of Emergency era thrusted upon India by none other than Smt Indira Gandhi. How Rahul Gandhi in the same breath legitimises curbs on individual freedoms in China and bemoans “human rights violations” against Muslims in India while remaining silent on the plight of Uyghur Muslims in China in the name of peace.

    Indians must exercise caution and make decisions in the upcoming political process that do not jeopardise the country's interests and integrity.

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