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IndiaIs it Destructive Indulgences or Rahul’s puerile play on London Pitch?

Is it Destructive Indulgences or Rahul’s puerile play on London Pitch?


Chanakya Charan Dass – “Tikri”)

Ultimately Rahul Gandhi reached England where he gave a presentation cum speech about his perception of the & at Cambridge. He was also invited for a one on one at the India Journalist Association (IJA) & later also addressed the Indian diaspora.

When it was thought that Rahul Gandhi was done & dusted in London he cropped up again at Chatham House for a brief lecture, followed by a QA session.

However, the most important giveaway for the Modi government by him was at the end of his engagement at Cambridge.

He was very specific on one point & that is that the present government in India “doesn't listen to him” & there is a complete takeover of the democratic institutions viz the press, parliament, judiciary, media, agencies etc. by the BJP & RSS & he obviously is left with no choice but to take to the streets. The “Bharat Jodo Yatra” he said was a result of this thought process through which he wanted to listen to “millions of people” by “annihilating” himself. His concept of “self annihilation” was to keep quiet & listen to others. He wondered why this power of the street was not being used in other countries; suggesting thereby that this tool could be used for bringing down the legitimately elected governments in democracies like India & other parts of the world too.

Rahul Gandhi has very clearly spelled out his mission to oust the Narendra Modi government even if it means taking recourse to anarchy. These utterances are warning bells for the government & those entrusted with maintenance of law & order in the country as the Rahul's party in combination with the left & the Islamist forces can try to resort to nationwide Shaheen Bagh type agitations & create a sense of insecurity & despondency in the nation in general & BJP supporters in particular to try to manipulate the 2024 parliamentary election results in their favour.

This experiment has already been tried successfully in the elections to Bengal Assembly by TMC where the BJP supporters were forced to run for their lives & lose their properties & esteem at the hands of the TMC goons. They could as well try to create difficult law & order conditions for the government especially during India's current presidency of G20 when many international leaders are expected to arrive in India & media will be focusing its attention on this country. The riots in Delhi during the visit of Donald Trump to India are very well known. GoI will have to ensure thwarting the evil designs of the forces bent upon destabilising India especially during the run up to State Assembly Elections in MP, Karnataka & Rajasthan in 2023 & more specifically to the elections to Lok Sabha in 2024.

There are other aspects of Rahul Gandhi's speech that try to rubbish the image of the country in a foreign land.

He mentioned the case of the two girls who approached him during his ‘march' & told him that they had been gang raped. Did he help them in bringing the culprits to book as a responsible citizen of India or use his position as a Member of Parliament & “scion of Nehru – Gandhi family” to ensure justice to the victims? He didn't. But this certainly became a talking point of his speech at Cambridge, in a country where the “grooming gangs” have had a run for years & thousands of minor/young girls have been exploited by unscrupulous gangs & thugs. The choicest country of Rahul Gandhi's “grumbling” has not been able to do justice to the victims of these gangs, but for Rahul Gandhi that is a non-issue. Did Rahul Gandhi ask the audience at Cambridge about these gangs? No!!

Rahul Gandhi thundered in his speech that India was no longer a democratic country! In the same breath he spoke of his 4000 km long, so called, “Bharat Jodo Yatra” from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Rahul Gandhi travelled in a cavalcade of well appointed caravans, cars & trucks through 14 states with Congress party in attendance. He held pressers in many cities en-route & addressed several public meetings along with his party workers. His journey was unhindered. In fact he was provided with a massive security bandobast with thousands of security personnel deployed for his protection. The traffic through the cities & villages was managed by the government to ensure that the  yatra of Rahul Gandhi passed peacefully. Would it have been possible for Rahul Gandhi to travel this distance in India, unhindered, had India ceased to be a democracy?

And then he had a company in his “BJY”; the infamous “tukde-tukde gang”.

While he bemoaned the “Govt interference” in the independent working of judiciary in India” he did not tell his audience that, while he was speaking in various forums in England, the Supreme Court of India had laid down procedure for selection of Chief of Election Commission of India & also set up a committee to probe the issues regarding Adani group of companies, which were in the news because of the Heidelberg report. So much for the subjugation of the Judiciary in India by Rahul Gandhi!!

He re-emphasised that the democracy in India, that is three & a half times the size of the entire Europe, had completely vanished & regretted that the US & Europe, the countries who proclaim that they are the defenders of democracy, were not taking notice of it. What he did not say is that only a couple of months back Congress party had won elections to the state of Pradesh. Election results were also declared, while he was in the UK, for the three north eastern Christian majority states that voted for BJP while the Congress party was routed completely. Earlier, Gujarat had also returned BJP to power with a thumping majority – Congress party was routed. This is not democracy at play for Rahul Gandhi. His concept of democracy was to ski on the snowy slopes of Gulmarg while electioneering was in full swing in the north eastern states of India!!

As the election results in these states were not generally in favour of the Congress party as such, out of pique against Modi, Rahul Gandhi “declared” that democracy had vanished from India & wanted support from the US & Europe to bring it back. Earlier, a few years back, the stalwart of Congress party, Mani Shankar Aiyer, had requested Pakistan (from their soil) to help them get Narendra Modi out of the way.

Thus the Congress party wants Modi out of the way at any cost!!

The most “amusing” part of the interview was the way Rahul Gandhi legitimised the curb on individual freedom of the Chinese regime. He said that the idea of China is for the “society being in harmony” because “they've had massive tremors, huge amount of pain, they've have had revolution, they've have had civil war, they've have had cultural revolution & so what they don't want (is) the things to go out of control, that things spiral out of control & disorder comes, which is legitimate. It's as legitimate as individual liberty is for the US”.

Now, which Rahul Gandhi do we trust; the one who shames India where, according to him, democracy has ceased to exist, in spite of the evidence to the contrary, or the one who legitimises curb on individual freedoms in China? The one who bemoans the “human right violations” of the Muslims in India while keeping quiet about the plight of Uyghur Muslims of China in the name of harmony.

Rahul Gandhi tries to make his audience believe that he came across “militants” in Kashmir in spite of the huge security bandobast around him & “they give me this look & I give them just look back & then we carry on (&) nothing happens”. He adds further that “militants could do nothing because they didn't have the power to do anything even if they wanted to” because, as per him, “he had come into that (for) listening with no violence in him”. This story brings the audience face to face with a Rahul Gandhi who's adept at story fabricating & story telling. No one even asks him in the interview as to how he believed a stranger about the presence of “militants” around his entourage, secured by thousands of security personnel, & how did he conclude that they were “militants” indeed!! Just hearsay was enough for him.

However, the best was yet to come from Rahul Gandhi, at Chatham House, where he declared that RSS was akin to Muslim Brotherhood & a Secret Society!!

No wonder Rahul Gandhi is losing India!!

However, the question remains; is Rahul Gandhi confused or is he working to a plan, wittingly or unwittingly, drafted by forces inimical to India?! This question arises as the likes of George Soros have volunteered & have declared openly to interfere in the political process of our nation.

Indians need to be careful & make choices in the forthcoming political process that don't harm the interests & integrity of the country.

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