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OpinionsPM Modi trying to connect people through his 'Mann Ki baat'

PM Modi trying to connect people through his ‘Mann Ki baat’


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country in his first radio address titled ‘Mann Ki baat‘ on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami on 3rd October 2014. The programme aims to deliver the Prime Minister's voice to the general masses of . The programme has been well received by the target audience, especially the urban masses residing in metropolitan cities across the country.  It is found that 66.7 per cent of the people listen to the PM's speech on AIR and they find it very useful. PM Modi has always made it a point to use radio waves to establish an emotional connect with listeners. Despite efforts by the Opposition parties on several occasions to cancel the programme during state elections, the Election Commission has refused to issue a blanket ban. The commission said did not have any objections as long as the prime minister's speech was not an attempt to attract voters in poll-bound states. Every month, the PM shares his thoughts with the people, mentioning hitherto unknown people who have been working for betterment of society, and also asks for suggestions and views. On 27th of January,2015, Modi has a special guest in Mann ki baat. It was none other than US president Barrack Obama. In this edition of Mann ki Baat, Modi and Obama answered a series of questions by Indian citizens. Mann Ki Baat is not about the government, it is about the society. It addresses an aspirational India, an ambitious India,”

Modi says “Lokmanya Tilak gave the slogan ‘Swaraj is my birth right' and ignited self confidence among people. Today the time is to re-emphasize that ‘Suraj is our birthright.”The Prime Minister through his address on the radio aims to connect with the common man on regular basis and inform them about the initiatives of the government and also seeks the support of the common man in nation building and governance. He urges the listeners to purchase Khadi clothes to contribute to the prosperity of the poor, gives more stress on  the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the success of India's Mars Mission, skill development & many issues of India  that concerns to the common man. The subjects he has chosen are important social issues which are for far reaching implications on the development of India. Some people may wonder as to what I achieved through Mann Ki Baat. To this Modi says that “It gives me immense satisfaction when people write back to say that as they sit down together as a family to listen to ‘Mann Ki Baat', they feel as if a family elder is sharing his ideas with us.


The programme “Mann Ki Baat” is very interesting program telecasted live which has a direct approach of the people's view with our PM Modi.  People from many villages write hundreds of letters to this radio station stating their problems directly to the prime minister of this country. Some of those letters are selected wherein Narendra Modi himself tried to provide a solid solution to his listener. Mann ki Baat has had a great psychological effect on the people of India. They felt the government closer than ever and the prime minister even more now. It was like talking to their leader and listening to him so closely. People could relate to him and respond in their own ways. His address to the nation acts as a booster to governance. Some of the best administrative committees set up in India have always suggested that e-governance is one of the best ways to ensure transparency and accountability in the government. Through the online portals and this radio address, this government has made an extremely smart move of building an interpersonal relationship with more than a billion people. In fact, people now look forward to Mann ki Baat address.

Through “Mann Ki Baat” our PM Modi is trying to connect with the people and providing a platform for them to communicate with the government.  It is a program made for the people so that they can easily get to know whether what is actually going in India and what are the further strategies of PM. It has played a vital role in bridging the ever grown gap between the Old India and today's new India. This is a major contribution towards Indian struggle to come under the category of Developed India. Highlighting the various issues the country is facing, matters are mainly poked representing especially the youth of the country.

Mann Ki Baat depicts a very simple idea where the Prime Minister himself comes forward with new laws, notions, initiatives almost every month, addressing the whole nation and grabbing their attention. This was accepted by the present generation with open hands as this sounded much more convincing than television medium. This initiative is internationally recognised and is termed as the best information delivery and in turn accelerating the enforcement of new laws with proper consent of the citizens of India.


PM Modi has also shared his ‘Mann Ki Baat' with the farmers of India on 22nd March 2015 as he was  very keen to interact with his farmer sisters and brothers across India and was eager to hear their thoughts, ideas and insights on a wide range of issues relating to . It is really to be appreciated that our PM has invited citizens to communicate with him who have no internet connectivity to share that their ‘ Man ki Baat ‘ to him. PM Modi rightly states that an active citizen is the biggest strength of development.


PM's Maan ki bath program is good common people can get chance directly contact with PM. Earlier people never had such opportunity to talk with their PM..But with this initiative ppl not just talk with PM even they can get about the solution of their problem. This initiative encouraged people to trust PM. There is no media intervention and no one can tamper with the verdict of PM. If somebody he/she has any genuine problem he will be able to send his message to the PM may be PM will solve his problem and through Maan ki bath program PM can spread his message to the school student and inspire them if any ongoing problem is there in our society PM can address directly without any media.


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