“Oyesomya”: Army issues advisory to not interact with suspected spy on Instagram

IMG 20190625 WA0009
IMG 20190625 WA0009

The Army intelligence has issued an advisory to army personnel against an Instagram profile ‘Oyesomya' who is suspected of being an enemy spy trying to target army officers and special forces' troops.

The said Instagram profile is no longer available. Last year, it was reported that a Pakistani spy who went by the name ‘Sejal', ‘Neha' and ‘Pooja' honeytrapped a youth named Nishant Agarwal from Nagpur's Brahmos Unit for allegedly selling defence secrets about 's missile systems to his Pakistani ISI handlers. Nishant had been working in Nagpur's Brahmos Aerospace Pvt. Ltd's missile research centre in Nagpur for the last 4 years. He was wheedled into sharing the critical information about the missile systems with Pakistani counterparts by offering him a bait of $30,000 IT job in Canada.

Prior to that, Uttar Pradesh ATS team had arrested a BSF Jawan, Achutanand Misra, a resident of Madhya Pradesh's Rewa district, for sharing vital information about India's defence preparedness with ISI lackeys. He was “honey-trapped” by a woman claiming to be a journalist into sharing information about unit operational details, police academy and training centre. Before that, a person named Ramesh who worked as a cook in an Indian diplomat's house was arrested by the and military Intelligence Unit and the Uttar Pradesh police from Pithoragarh for bugging the house and passing off the information to the ISI. Last year, in March 2017, Aftab Ali was arrested for running an espionage racket in Uttar Pradesh.

‘Honey Trapping' is a commonly used technique practised for very long by spy agencies to extract sensitive information. According to reports, 13 serving and retired defence personnel had been arrested for allegedly spying for the ISI or being part of its espionage racket in recent years.