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    EditorialOpposing I-Cards to WPRs speaks of communal mindset

    Opposing I-Cards to WPRs speaks of communal mindset


    Opposing I-Cards to WPRs speaks of communal mindset  

    Normal life was affected in Valley today observed a shut-down on a call given by the separatists against the issuance of identity certificates to 1947-Paritition Refugees commonly referred as West Pakistan Refugees (WPRs).

    The separatist groups and semi-separatists political parties have shown complete solidarity over the issue of WPR issue. Strangely, they alleged that the decision on issuance of identity certificates to WPR was aimed at changing the demography of and Kashmir. But how it changes the demography of Jammu and Kashmir is not comprehendible by any argument.

    The Divisional Commissioner's clarification was unambiguous and there left no scope for vested interests in Kashmir to misinterpret the decision taken purely on humanitarian grounds to mitigate some of the hardships faced by the refugees whose life was not one of political and economic aspirations but of toil and penury.
    These Kashmiri leaders, both claimed ‘mainstream' and separatist should have appreciated the spirit behind would have not raised any hue and cry considering their own no-holds-barred propaganda about the sanctity of human rights. But, they took no time to denounce the state government and the Union government for the otherwise humane approach to the 70-year-old human problem and in one voice said that an insidious influence was at work to change the Muslim-majority character and constitutional character of Jammu & Kashmir. They termed the decision a deep-rooted conspiracy.The atrocious statement, inter-alia, read like this: “Issuing domicile certificates to West Pakistan refugees, Supreme Court verdict on Jammu & Kashmir over Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002, (SARFAESI Act), are the challenges to the sovereignty of Jammu & Kashmir.
    Allowing outside banks to confiscate and hold properties in Jammu & Kashmir are the issues of life and death for our existence as Muslims and Kashmiris.
    Not content with what the separatists of all hues said about the hapless refugees, the so called mainstream parties Conference (NC) and the Jammu & Kashmir Congress Committee chief also took the plunge in a most shameful and insensitive manner.

    The NC general secretary and former law minister Ali Mohammad Sagar also spoke the separatists' language and said the decision to grant citizenship rights was an attack on the state's special position.

    It needs to be emphasised that all the refugees from Pakistan reside in some of districts of Jammu Province and not even a single one lives in Kashmir or .
    One thing is absolutely clear: Kashmiri leaders, without any exception, are not just separatist and half-separatist, but they are also rabidly anti-Jammu and seem anti-Hindu too as all the WPRs are Hindus migrated in communal partition in 1947.  New Delhi should understand this stark reality and take a final decision that frees Jammu and Ladakh from the 70-year-old such Kashmir centric hangover.

    Why should these two regions groan under the yoke of Kashmir-centric rule when they hate them and also long for forcing down their throat their pernicious solution based on the two-nation concept?

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