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OpinionsAn open letter from a liberal Hindu to elite class English intellectuals

An open letter from a liberal Hindu to elite class English intellectuals


An open from a liberal Hindu to elite class English intellectuals

Shubham Verma

Dear Elite Intellectuals,

I am Shubham Verma. I am a General category Kayastha Shaivite Hindu. I do believe in Jaati, Varna, Kul, Vansh and Gotra, which are nontranslatable so do not misinterpret them with Caste word of europe. I believe in non-dualism philosophy of Shankaracharya which says-“God is consciousness or energy which can neither be created nor be destroyed, it is in everything.” My God is not someone sitting in the sky and guiding everyone like a Boss. I do believe in Vedas, Upnishads and my original Sanskrit texts. I respect all ‘Shrutis' and ‘Smritis' of my religion whether it is ‘Manusmriti' or ‘Yagyavalkyasmriti' (Original texts, not which are altered by Britishers or communists). I do have faith in my , values, morals, ethics and joint family system. I believe in ‘Jati' because it is an important factor of Indian decentralized and I have a firm belief that ‘Jati' system should not be demolished but ‘Jati' discrimination should be demolished. I firmly believe in Indian cultural nationalism which exists from thousands of years. I do not have any apologetic approach towards my nation or my identity. I also do not have any inferior complex about my ‘Jati' or ‘Dharma' or ‘Sanskriti'.

Now, why I am writing this to you intellectuals? Because, you are spreading lies about our religion and culture in your books and writings, which our younger generation is reading and feeling inferior or apologetic about their own religion. I am very disappointed with the kind of books and articles you all are writing about my religion. I will not name you this time but I will tell you which things I am talking about. I am talking about negative Feminist angle of Seeta, Surpankha, Shanta arya, Dropadi etc. Portyaing Eklavya, Karna as Dalit victims. Similarly, praising of demons like Mahishasura, Bakasura, Rawana, Kansa etc. In the original texts of Ramayana or Mahabharata or Durgasaptshati and all , they did not write about negative things happen to these characters but you people interpreted it in your own way and started misquoting the religious books in the name of feminism and Castism. Who gave you this liberty to write against my religion? Did you read all Vedas, Upnishads, Purans, Smritis, Shrutis etc before criticizing Hindu religion? Did you practice the original form of Hinduism before criticizing it? Why don't you see the character like ‘Gargi' who wrote Vedas, or Valmiki, Vedvyasa, Kabir, Ravidas who were shudras as well as saints. Why don't you see power of women in Durga, Saraswati, Laxmi, Parvati etc? From last few years, there were several books that are being written by you English class intellectuals which only targets Hindu gods and godesses. Not only this, you are also comparing all the Rakshas (Demons) with Dallits, Dravids and Tribals which is dividing the Indian society and destroying our social fabric. Which kind of narrative do you want to create in the society? Please make it clear that you want to tell the dalits, dravids and tribals that–

“They are original inhabitants of and Aryans (North Indiansand Generalcategory Hindus) came from outside who wrote all Sanskrit texts and they are white so all Gods are white and Aryans killed all black demons and these demons are no one but dalits and dravidians.”

This kind of rubbish narrative you want to build to divide my society. Aryan-Dravidian myth was busted years ago but you are still propagating it, pity on you and your knowledge. Dalit word has recently being introduced and you are comparing it with thousands of years old civilization. But, my concern is not that you are lacking of knowledge that is but obvious, my concern is that what will you achieve after dividing the society in the name of Upper caste vs Dalits, Men vs Women, Joint family vs Individual or Aryan vs Dravid ie North India vs South India?

A lot of books written by you so called intellectuals in the name of castism and feminism in Hindu society are just rubbish. You are writing Rama as anti feminist, Durga as a bad women and Mahishasura, Rawana as heroes. From where these kinds of narratives are coming from, did you ever think about it? How every social sciences college of country and every novelist at a sudden started writing against Indian mythology or history? Don't you think it is a plot from a foreign land who wants to deconstruct Indian ethos? Mcauley once said if you want to do a farming, first reap the older crop then only new crop can be grown. This is what you are doing from that time, they want to rule over India and India has a cultural nationalism. In order to destroy cultural nationalism they have to destroy the culture. This time it is America and their universities like Columbia University which are doing this to us. It is an older game of British colonialism which is now played by Americans. They did the same with Soviet Union then in Arab spring they did it with Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Seria etc and now the same pattern they are using in India. India is a nuclear power nation; they do not send the forces directly to us. So, they are changing the minds of our youth in the name of caste, creed, color, feminism, individualism etc. This you need to understand, that they are playing with the soft power and you elite English class writers and media houses are working for them unknowingly or knowingly. They are providing scholarships; foreign tours etc to those who write against India and you greedy selfish intellectuals are going into their direction, shame on you! I want to clarify this to you that you are not losing your trust but also losing your credibility in the nation by selling yourself to colonialist powers.

In the end I just want to say this that stop defaming my nation, my religion and my culture. Stop misguiding people in the name of feminism and castism. We hindus too have feelings like other religions. We could also become crusaders like Xitianity had or Jehadists like Mxlims, but we will not do that, because our religion and culture, which you are defaming, taught us non violence, peace and love. We believe in winning people by debates and talks not by violence, so I am writing this to you please change yourself. If you cannot write about feminism angle of 9 year old Aisha, or virgin mother Mary then stop taking us for granted, too.

Shubham Verma

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