Offenders have a field day!


As common sense makes it clear that two wrongs don't make a right which is also explained by a popular adage with verbatim sequence of words as the same could be elucidated by the fact that someone has committed a wrong is no justification for acting in a similar way. Further, it is unfortunate that here in loose cannons fire here, there and everywhere in the name of freedom of speech which is otherwise subject to reasonable restrictions and riders. However, the law of the land does not take its course when it is required most to deal with such elements who take it granted that they would never be accountable for the venom that vitiates social harmony.

If the son of Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and its Youth Welfare Minister  Udhayanidhi Stalin indulged into spitting venom against the Sanatan Dharma and all those from Congress and of his ilk who somehow endorsed his deplorable act and go scot free, it is equally bad to make bizarre statements, other than condemning him, to counter a rank hater of Sanatan Dharma. The remarks made by the Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat in response to Dayanidhi's spiteful speech seem to be outlandish as the same tends to support something which the law of land doesn't permit.

Shekhawat, the MP from Rajasthan's Jodhpur has surprisingly said that anyone who speaks against the Sanatan Dharma would have his tongue pulled out and his eyes gouged out. The acerbic reaction by the Union Minister has raised serious questions over the state of lawlessness or arbitrariness in the country because the Law Book of the country viz. The Constitution of India, guarantees delivery of justice if the proper procedure is followed but the manner in which the aforesaid minister is responding to Stalin's remarks shows that lawlessness is ruling the roost in the country and there is no respect for law in the eyes of the aforesaid minister. The fact could be simply clarified through a simple instance. Even if someone has indulged in murder, no one in the country has the right or power to punish him on his own whims and fancies; rather there are courts and law, and a proper procedure to file a case and get justice delivered.

Delivering justice on individual level as suggested by the aforesaid Union Minister by taking law into one's own hands is no justice at all rather it is uncalled for, unwarranted and of course illegal.

Under no circumstances, the behaviour of the TN Minister, who is behind this entire controversy, is justified because the way things have been carried out brazenly, for sure the same have hurt the sentiments of crores of countrymen as they have undaunted faith in Sanatan Dharam, and anyone demeaning the same is unacceptable.

Despite the gravity of the issue and ‘wrongfulness' in the behavior of the one who decried the Sanatan Dharam, the law of land doesn't permit anyone to decide punishment at the individual level thus raising a big question mark on the response of every tom dick and harry in this country. The country stands witness to the savagery acts of violence caused by a section of people in reaction to some remarks that emerged in a TV debate between panellists last year.

There is Law Book and courts in the country and therefore such matters should be decided by the courts on the basis of existing laws, which have contours and conditions to decide what is right and what is not, and penal actions for the wrongs committed by subjects either deliberately or without intentions.