New India


According to a report provided to Congress by the American intelligence community, is now more inclined than it has ever been to use military force to retaliate against “perceived or genuine” provocations from Pakistan.

This analysis of the issue is not particularly accurate. It is true that India no longer only denounces the “dastardly conduct” of terrorists supported by Pakistan; four years ago, Balakot followed Pulwama. Also, our diplomats have put a lot of effort into persuading the that Pakistan is the jihad factory, supporting and indoctrinating Mujahidin terrorists around the globe.

The Government is also doing all in its power to halt financing terrorism and eliminate sleeper cells. The results are equally clear; unlike the 2000s, there haven’t been any significant terror attacks on civilians in recent years.

The South Asian Terrorism Portal reports that 590 security officers and 1,067 civilians died in 2001. The corresponding numbers were 521 and 218 in 2005, and 40 and 78 in 2019 (the last year for which these numbers are still accessible). It should be noted that despite attempts to strengthen internal and security, India has never been a belligerent neighbour to either China or Pakistan.

Hence, while it is true that India would respond swiftly and harshly to “actual” provocations from Pakistan, there would be no jingoistic action prompted by any “imaginary” threat.

Either from China or Pakistan. This is made clear by the fact that PM Modi made every effort to enhance relations with Beijing prior to the Chinese perfidy in June 2020 at Galwan. Up until Galwan, he had 18 meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Even after June 2020, he took concrete steps rather than just verbally attacking China, such as blocking Chinese apps and beefing up security near the Line of Actual Control.

Most significantly, he gave the Quad, the security cooperation between Australia, Japan, the US, and India, an unprecedented momentum. This is a genuine and effective way to rein in the dragon that Xi let run uncontrolled.

It is clear that China is uneasy about the Quad; it has accused the Quad of “encirclement” and of acting like “an Asian Nato.” In a nutshell, PM Modi has significantly changed India’s strategy for national security and defence. New India’s strategy is tough without being chauvinistic.