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JammuMLA Udhampur boycotts All Party Delegation

MLA Udhampur boycotts All Party Delegation


MLA Udhampur boycotts All Party Delegation

Sounds the bugle for separate Jammu state

Jammu Tawi, Sept 03: Former Minister and MLA Udhampur, Mr. Pawan Gupta today said that he has decided to boycott meeting All Party Delegation (APD) as they have treated shabbily the aspirations of people of Jammu province by asking the elected MLAs of Jammu region to meet the APD at Srinagar at very short notice.

He blamed the BJP government for denying the elected representatives of Jammu and other local opposition leaders, a meeting with APD at their home ground.  Pawan Gupta said, ‘BJP which always raised the bogey of Jammu's aspirations and rights when in opposition has itself strangulated after acquiring power.'

He condemned the action on the part of the government to deny the elected representative of reasonable and appropriate audience with the APD so that their perspective about reality of is corrected and rights of the Jammu asserted.

A day earlier on Saturday, Mr. Pawan Gupta gave a clarion call to the people of Jammu province to up –rise for asserting their rights for delinking the pestering sore of Kashmir valley from the healthy body of Jammu province and else citizens would be forced to launch an aggressive campaign to achieve their objective of separate statehood.

Addressing a press conference, Mr. Pawan Gupta said that Jammu province should be delinked from Kashmir valley for its emancipation from the seven decades of Kashmir dominated rule that demands extreme autonomy bordering separatism but at the same time denying the legitimate political and development rights of people of Jammu Region

Gupta said we reject outright the demand of Kashmir leaders ranging from autonomy to self rule to Azadi to merger with Pakistan to free economic zone to religious state. On the occasion, Gupta resolved to accomplish two goals – separation from Kashmir and a separate statehood for Jammu. He said the people of Jammu region are masters of their own destiny and they will not accept any diktat either from Kashmir or New Delhi.

Quoting PDP MP's statement, Mr. Gupta said that Kashmir has been gripped by radicals and they have been fighting for a theocratic state and working for a Syria-like or Pakistan-like dispensation. “Conversion of Jammu and Kashmir into a religious state is utterly unacceptable to the people of Jammu Province that may amount to second communal partition of . “ there has been a calculated move to severe out of India and destroy Jammu Province and local minorities. He said, ‘Let the turmoil in Kashmir valley be dealt by New Delhi within a small geographical region without sacrificing the interests of Jammu and Ladakh.'

Indicating a likely formation of Jammu Provincial Platform exclusively for asserting the political, socio-economic and development rights of its people, Gupta hold New Delhi responsible for the consistent pampering of Kashmir valley at the cost of nationalist people of Jammu. Replying to a question, Gupta said that he was in contact with political leaders who supported his idea of fighting Kashmir's hegemony with regional political movement many known faces would join this movement in coming days.

Mr. Gupta said the existing politico-constitutional and administrative structure is unitary and Kashmir-centric that exploits to the hilt on daily basis with the decisions divisive and unsettling in spirit against Jammu.

He criticized the Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh who afforded two visits to Kashmir valley and his talking of solution of Kashmir through vaguely described “Kashmiriat, Jammhooriyat and Insanyiat' while he did not bother to visit two major regions of Jammu and Ladhakh to know about their respective issues and aspirations being biggest stakeholders in the state.

Gupta said that the policy of the Government of India towards Jammu and Kashmir is fatal to the vital interests of the nation. People of Jammu, refugees from PoK and erstwhile Punjab  and forceful displacement of Kashmir Pandits from Kashmir valley. New Delhi's policy on Kashmir is flawed and it subverts all cardinal principal of state, nation, sovereignty, nationalism and patriotism.

Accusing BJP for selling out the interest of Jammu, he said the party has no right claiming itself being the representative of people of Jammu province as they have miserably betrayed the trust of people.

He said time has come to awaken New Delhi towards the legitimate rights of the people of Jammu province and carving out a separate state within Jammu and Kashmir for this region much needed development which has been denied to it appeasing Kashmir centric politics.

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