Mahatama Gandhi did not have Law Degree says J&K’s LG Manoj Sinha

According to Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, Mahatma Gandhi did not have a single university degree, let alone a law degree — “a misconception that many people have.”

“A very few people know… even a lot of educated people have the misconception that Gandhiji had a law degree,” Sinha said, emphasising that people should strive for more than just “degree .” Gandhiji had no formal education.”

“Who would argue that Gandhiji was uneducated?” Nobody has the guts to say it. But did you know he lacked any university degrees or qualifications? Many people believe Mahatma Gandhi earned a law degree. No, he didn't. His only educational background was a high school diploma. He obtained his law licence. He lacked a law degree…. (However, look at how well-educated he was…” Father of Our Nation,” he added.

The J&K L-G went on to say that one should not “only be indulging in formal connection with a degree or what you think is education.”

Sinha's statement comes just one day after Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ability to build a 21st-century . Kejriwal claimed that thousands of government schools were being closed across the country, saying, “Today, I want to put a question in front of the country — can a less educated PM build India of the twenty-first century?” India's Prime Minister must be educated… “If we had a more educated Prime Minister, he would have recognised the importance of education and would have opened more schools rather than closing them,” he said.”I am concerned that the prime minister of the country is not educated,” Arvind Kejriwal said during a public meeting at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. Anyone can make him do anything. My question is whether a well-educated prime minister is necessary in the twenty-first century. “Can a less educated PM contribute to the construction of the twenty-first century?”