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EditorialFor how long they will bleed us?

For how long they will bleed us?


For how long they will bleed us?

Self-praise is no recommendation is an old saying but it was a long session of boasting at its peak in in recent past. We had gone too far in celebrating the Indian Army's surgical strike instead of learning a lesson or two.  The stark reality is that we are deemed to be a soft state dealing with a tough neighbour who has no qualms about the means it adopts to undermine us.

Soon after the heavily armed terrorists disguised in Army uniform entered an army unit located within three kilometers from the headquarters of the 16 Corps at Nagrota, they wanted to enter the family quarters where they could take the families of the soldiers and officers hostage. The terrorists entered two buildings which were occupied by officers, their families. This led to a hostage-like situation. The situation was very quickly contained and thereafter, in a deliberate operation all were successfully rescued, which included 12 soldiers, two women and two babies.

However, due to the bravery of these two women, who were staying in the family quarters along with their newborns, the plans of the terrorists could not materialise. We salute the Jawans and Officers who laid down their lives for their country.

How these terrorists managed to enter India with impunity and succeed in executing their terror plans is most perturbing and when should we awaken to the dangers of wolves in sheep's clothing in most of time. That the Pakistanis managed to infiltrate our LoC is also a reminder that we need to maintain greater vigil. Our law needs to be strengthened to deal with terrorists so that we do not need to kill deemed-traitors in fake encounters. At the same time, we must have a legal system and the political will to punish them swiftly and strongly through legitimate legal means.

Numerous other events have established beyond doubt over the years that Pakistan is a rogue state. There is no let-up in the training and infiltrating of terrorists into the country. But we are neither able to deter them nor get the community to act against them. The US government continues to pay mere lip-service to elimination of terror in our backyard without acting concretely against the perpetrators of terror. American and western arms continue to feed the Pakistani arms market. The Chinese have a vested interest in propping up Pakistan and fanning a string of insurgencies in India. The only way to combat these is to stand firm on our feet. But it is equally vital that we deter terrorists at never before to send out a strong message that we cannot be taken for granted.

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