Locals remove Indian flag in Kashmir, Government Ignorant??

Locals remove Indian flag in , Government Ignorant??

Srinagar, August 18: This video which shows locals removing the Indian Flag in a Kashmiri locality has gone viral and odd as it is, the government of and Kashmir has failed to take notice. The legitimacy and authenticity of this video are however questionable.

However, a video of locals in Kashmir cheering at the Indian flag being taken down is something of a serious concern. This video is being shared on social media accounts at present. The government has also made announcements on containing such content on messaging and social media platforms but only in words.

To bring to notice the efficacy of Chhattisgarh government, a youth from J&K was arrested after he published a secessionist write up on his social media account.

Why can the government of Jammu and Kashmir not control such content?