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OpinionsMy Kashmir is burning… Is Anybody listening!

My Kashmir is burning… Is Anybody listening!


My is burning… Is Anybody listening!

Bhushan Parimoo

Violence goes on un-relented in Kashmir. State is prone to such violent at regular intervals, as history bears the testimony. Wrong responses, avoidable blunders kick started these from the day paramountcy was withdrawn. Maharaja Hari Singh sovereignty over the state was reduced to mere stalking horse.  Government of India and other key players dealt the most painful situation caused by Pakistan from personal sentiments than from broad prospective which a nation takes care for years to come to its ramification. That aspect was conspicuously missing and it continues till date as bunch of blind fondling elephant explain it. So as we sowed so shall we are reaping.

Some says, ‘Pandit Nehru desired to take all possible measures to save Kashmir from  the Kabailis and Pakistani army's attack, but his wish was not met on frivolous grounds by none other than his creation, Louis Mountbatten, the first Governor General of the Independent India, that accession is prerequisite to send troops to Kashmir. The situation overnight had become a grinding stone for all to grind and sharp their axes at the altar of avenge. Nehru wanted to teach a lesson to Ramchand Kak then Prime Minister of the J&K State for his orders to stop Nehru the future Prime Minister of India from entering into the state and by defying it he was arrested at Domel  and deported  back.

Mountbatten got and grabbed the opportunity to set score with the Maharaja Hari Singh, the ruler of J&K for not adhering to his advice to accede to Pakistan, because Jinnah had promised bases to Britishers and allies for surveillance against USSR. Jinnah wanted to grab Kashmir being his long cherished desire. 

Mountbatten was here to watch and safeguard of the interest of his country and he had an advantage right up to1948, our entire Kashmir policy was being formulated by Mountbatten heading the Emergency Committee and the Committee of the Indian Cabinet. He wanted no chance to lose for his country. He even used the services of Edwina Asley, the lady Mountbatten, the British Menaka charmed by her charming ways hard to be resisted by a widower of many years, Nehru. Pandit ji was mesmerized beyond belief so much so they came so close that as told by her own daughter even her husband started to suspect that she has gone ahead of her brief. Deeply trapped in love tangle, Pandit ji looked like Ponga Pandit of to dance, as Bhasmousar did, to her tunes. This Bhasmosaar of our time put our peace and tranquility to ashes and rest is history

This time it is Pakistan repeating the same words asking their Jaamatees is Kashmir to flare up the fire. My Kashmir is really burning as administration has slipped from the hands of a novice boy in whose only qualification is that he is grandson of a Kashmiri leader and had thought the gimmicks like of his father will sail him through.

As tolerance of common man get exhausted, a common reaction comes. Remove the irritant CRPF and bring in the local police for the job which is theirs legitimately. By the way whom government want to protect and from whom,  public wants them away, why thrust upon and then fail to manage, send back Army from the areas where people don't want them, let it be free for all for the time being as  our people want it seems, to bring lasting peace till date eluded us

Home Minister Rajnath Singh is of the view that situation in the valley is not normal but under control and he sees it as grim state. The moment you see beyond Khanabal to Khadanyar things will take shape itself. Out of box rational approach is required. Center from the day one has been blinded in its perception about state of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh, have not realized over the last sixty plus years and deliberately ignored the other two major regions of Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmiris are not the only people to deal with, there are others too.

Haji Buland Khan, a veteran leader of the state no more with us, had prescribed line of treatment to follow in one of the three Round Table Conferences called by PM Manmohan Singh, which he attended, to come out of the morasses of our creation in which we are-in continuous process of sinking crying Bhaachoou but not listening that Government of India has to take necessary remedial measures to remove brewing discontent among the various regions and the communities of the state. In a democracy there has to be equal opportunities to progress and prosper to every citizen who is an equal partner for the welfare of the state. He has equal responsibilities and rights. The simmering inhibition among the people of the state that there is a bias of social, religious and regional nature being perpetuated and hegemony of one region on the other is being imposed, these irritants have to be removed sooner the better. For it two prong strategies has to be taken in to consideration, firstly political and second socio-economical.

Kashmir of  fore fathers, Kashmir of  our  roots, Kashmir of our own, Kashmir which has soaked with our memories, concern, pampering above all blood  to maintain peace and tranquility brotherhood, that Kashmir is burning by decedents  very badly. Save it! Is anybody listening!

(Writer is an environmentalist and political commentator and can be contacted at )

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