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EditorialJPDCL Talks in Riddles!

JPDCL Talks in Riddles!


Jammu Power Distribution Corporation Limited (JPDCL) is undoubtedly undertaking a tremendous task to cater to the power consumers in the region. They are actively publishing and distributing information regarding the authenticity of smart meters and trying to dispel misconceptions about their supposed drawbacks. However, upon examining the advertisement published by JPDCL in some select newspapers, the explanation provided for point number two has only served to complicate matters further rather than resolve them. Particularly, when addressing the frequently asked question as to why consumers are receiving inflated bills after the installation of smart meters, the explanation given lacks a convincing logic.

There are numerous issues which the Commissioner/Secretary has not answered in his press conference the other day like the installation of smart/pre-paid meters at the Governments own departments, at politically sensitive entities, Estate departments buildings, VVIPs etc and also the huge pendency of recovery from these entities and offices. Further, while charging the commoners of electricity consumption charges, why then the JPDCL and KPDCL are not ensuring uninterrupted power supply to consumers. There are baffling anomalies one encounters when trying to pay an online bill on their portal ‘Sahuliyat' that one realised as a misnomer after visiting it. This publication will soon throw some light on these enigmatic questions.

The very first thing which hints towards something fishy is why on earth the electricity consumers should get inflated bills, which has been admitted by the JPDCL in its advertisement because it has come up with an answer also.

When the JPDCL itself admitted that the first month's bill after installation of smart meters will be inflated then there is nothing more to prove and what the people are complaining seems to be true to the hilt. The answer given by the JPDCL with regard to aforesaid issue has also been complicating the situation because it has been averred that the inflated bills have two parts. The explanation ahead is beyond the level of understanding of a common man.

The big question here is that when the contract between the consumer and the concerned department says that bills should comprise electricity units consumed and nothing else, then there is no question of providing inflated bills because this is sort of breach of contract. What is more intriguing is the fact that the explanation given against the aforesaid question is absurd because if the reading taken is of both the meters viz units recorded in old meters and the remaining on the new meters, the total reading should come, which is total units used in the same month but how this cause inflated bills is not explained or there is something fishy which the concerned corporation wanted to hide.

It is pertinent to mention that the City of Temples is currently witnessing protests, rallies, and even Bandh call due to the inflated bills received by the residents of Jammu city following the installation of Smart Meters. Besides, the JPDCL has also moved to convert these Smart Meters into prepaid mode but the same was, however, temporarily stalled by the government in view of rise in protests and rallies which it would re-impose at an opportune time. It is the need of the hour that JPDCL should come again explaining the logic behind inflated billing or else it should revisit the system and rectify bills with no room given to any kind of wrongdoing in absence of transparency and accountability, which under present circumstances seem to be ruling the roost.


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