Jammu civic body passes resolution to make graduation minimum qualification for councilors

, Nov 23: Jammu Mayor Rajinder Sharma on Wednesday batted strongly for making graduation mandatory as the minimum qualification for elected representatives to contest elections.
The general house of the Jammu Municipal Corporation passed a resolution, which was moved by Sharma, to make graduation as minimum qualification for those who would contest elections for councilors of the municipality.Sharma said the resolution had been sent to the Jammu and administration and they were awaiting its implementation.
However, he added, it has to get approval from the administration first and the Election Commission of then before the graduation criteria becomes a rule.
“We urged the central government to take cognisance of the resolution passed by the JMC general body and enact a law to make it mandatory for elected representatives that they can contest elections if they are graduates”, Sharma told reporters in Jammu.
“It is probably first such initiative across the country that a municipal body has passed resolution fixing graduation as minimum educational qualifications for the councilors contesting elections.”
Sharma said that it becomes a base for the executive that the elected representatives have passed this resolution and they must work on it.