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    EditorialIsolating Pakistan difficult

    Isolating Pakistan difficult


    Isolating Pakistan difficult

    The Heart of Asia (HoA) conference in Amritsar on December 4 made headlines as the Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani made frontal attack on Pakistan. He addressed Paki advisor on foreign affairs, Sartaj Aziz, namely to register his grievance at Islamabad's continued support to terror directed at capital of Afghanistan from its soil.
    The Taleban wouldn't survive a month without safe havens in Pakistan, he averred, quoting one in every of their leaders. During a stinging rebuff, he suggested Aziz to pay the $500 million offered for Afghanistan's development on combating political orientation within Pakistan itself.

    Ghani was remarkably daring in discharging his deep frustration with Pakistan before the forty two participants within the HoA conference, and pinpointing it because the real impediment within the manner of a regional effort to push political and economic stability in Asian nation.

    The HoA process desires Pakistan's full cooperation for achievement. it's from Pakistan's soil that the Taleban emerged and took control of Afghanistan in 1996, and it's from there that the Taleban are re-emerging once more as a violent force.

    Pakistan is the only threat externally possible in terms of animosity to Afghanistan. Pakistan must contemplate and cut all the supplies or links whatsoever to stop acts of terror in Afghanistan and improve scope of its ties with .

    The price to Pakistan for its twofaced behavior has not pinched till now because of US's hesitancy to impose meaningful sanctions on it.

    Until now, Pak has borne US pressure to rein in its strategic ambitions in Afghanistan and stop support to the Haqqani group, even as Islamabad promises to facilitate the reconciliation between Kabul and Taliban.

    China is being protective for its decade-long investment in Pakistan. This was initially done to hold India, but now it has wider implications as a new game of gaining access to Arabian Sea from East Turkestan has begun. Having a naval port in Gwadar would consolidate China's dominance in the Central Asian region.

    India and Afghanistan should find a common denominator on the Pakistan's terror activities on the east and the west.

    Russian support on this issue is much required but does not appear to be rightly directed. Russia on the other hand sees ISIS as a greater threat in Kabul as was clear from the Russian envoy's verbiage Zamir Kabulov.

    ISIS card has helped Pakistan so far to divert attention from the Taliban perspective. The former is viewed as a graver threat and would rather help Taliban to be dissolved politically into Kabul, thus making Pakistan a part of the system.

    One understands that at the conference itself, Kabulov belittled the HoA process as “supplementary”, presumably to the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation where Russia and China would steer matters to the exclusion of US and others.

    A day before the Amritsar conference, Iran's foreign minister underlined at an event in Delhi his country's excellent relations with Pakistan and offered to mediate on if asked.

    This, along with Russia's overtures to Pakistan, suggests that isolating Pakistan on terrorism will remain a major challenge.

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