ISI roping in scores of non-Muslims to add legitimacy to Kashmir issue

‘ISI radicalising Sri Lankan Muslims to target India’
‘ISI radicalising Sri Lankan Muslims to target India’

A month back the and police arrested Sandeep Sharma a resident of Uttar Pradesh after it was found that he was part of a Lashkar-e-Tayiba module. On Sunday the Investigation Agency raided the premises of Devinder Singh Behl, a close aide of Hurriyat hawk, Syed Ali Shah Geelani.

While the police learned that Sharma was part of the module for the money, the NIA is probing Behl's link to terror funding. Hence it would not be right to say that these two persons were ideologically inclined towards the Kashmir cause.

The ISI has issued directives to all its handlers and recruiters to look for more non-Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir. An Intelligence Bureau official explains that this is a well thought out of strategy. By roping in non-Muslims and non-Kashmiris, the ISI plans to give the Kashmir cause legitimacy.

In one of his speeches, Behl had said that Sikhs were standing solidly behind their Kashmiri brothers. This only is an indication that the ISI wants the to believe that the issue of Kashmir is being raised by non-Kashmiris as well. This gives weight to the legitimacy of the so-called Kashmir struggle, the officer also explained.

Over the years one has got to witness only Kashmiris and terrorists from Paksitan raising the Kashmir bogey. To have people from different parts of the country raising the Kashmir bogey would make it look that people other than Kashmir too care about the cause.

The IB suspects that there are several non-Kashmiris who have been roped in by the ISI.

Almost all of them are lured in with the cash. They are paid huge chunks of money and told to raise the Kashmir issue. In addition to this the ISI is also looking at people from outside the country to raise the issue. Pakistan wants the world to believe that the issue is not isolated to Kashmir alone.