India slams Pakistan for misusing UNHRC 

slams Pakistan for misusing UNHRC 

After Pakistan raked up the issue at the 45th session of UN Human Rights Council, India on Monday exercised its Right of Reply. Calling out Pakistan for its misuse of the UNHRC forum, India slammed the country's audacity to accuse others of affecting a state-sponsored genocide. Maintaining the revocation of the special status of and Kashmir does not have any external ramifications, the Indian side observed that people have marched ahead despite Pakistan's “nefarious attempt” to derail peace and prosperity.

India highlights human rights violations in Pakistan

Thereafter, India highlighted the fact that Pakistan not only emerged out of religious fundamentalism but also witnessed assassinations, coups, and puppets running the show. Drawing the attention of the Council to the crimes against humanity in the neighbouring country, it stated that enforced disappearances, state violence, forced mass displacement, extrajudicial killings, army operations, torture camps, detention centres, and military camps are regular features in Balochistan.

The Indian side mentioned that there is no information on the fate of 47,000 Baloch persons and 35,000 Pashtuns who are missing. Moreover, it added that sectarian violence had claimed more than 500 Hazara lives in Balochistan, forcing more than 1,00,000 Hazaras to flee Pakistan.

Pakistan asked to introspect

Subsequently, India elaborated on the persecution faced by the minority communities in Pakistan. First, it stressed that the systemic use of blasphemy has terrorised the minorities living there. To buttress its point, the Indian side cited examples such as the recent fate of two Hindu girls in Sindh, one Christian girl in Lahore, one Ahmadi woman in Chaleki, and two professors from Khairpur. It held that the state of affairs in Pakistan is indicated by the murder of 65 transgenders since 2015. Finally, India advised Pakistan to first introspect its grave human rights situation before extending unsolicited advice to any other country.