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    OpinionsIndia remains to be the "ATM" for Kashmiris

    India remains to be the “ATM” for Kashmiris


    remains to be the “ATM” for Kashmiris

    V K Wattal

    There is an old Kashmiri saying that “Wild Mushroom (Kan Gicch) Grows When There Is Thunder And Lightning in the atmosphere “.

    (I stand corrected)

    The 8th, Nov, 2016, announcement of “demonetisation” of Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000, by the Prime Minister struck the nation like thunder and lightning. This demonetisation thunder and lightning brought to the earth two political jokers whom the valley had politically deeply buried. Those two political jokers are the father son duo ——- Dr. Farooq Abdullah ( completed his 5 year Medicine course in 10 years when Pt. Nehru sent a stern warning to Medical College Jaipur) and his “illustrious” son ( 10 +2 pass Hotel receptionist ).

    Dr. Farooq Abdullah, after his hibernation issued a statement”  Was Never An Integral Part Of India And Never Will Be”. The Junior Abdullah, out to catch the media attention decided to march with totally isolated  Mamta Bannerji, to submit memorandum to the President. Both of them are passing through a time with which the last Moghul King Bahadur Shah Zafar, passed when his kingdom was snatched by the British, was packed to Rangoon as a prisoner where he wrote the famous last poem:-

       “lagta nahin hai ji mera ujde dayar main 

        kiski bani hai alame na paydar main”.

    The same fate is being experienced by the father son duo both in the valley and the centre. Without power which they enjoyed for the last 7 decades they are feeling like a fish out of water.

    Dr. Abdullah  —— now past 80 years, having being in the active for the last 5 decades have not matured a bit and continue to do the childish activities of an 8th or 9th, class boy. It must be disgusting for your friends and well-wishers ( if you have any ). When the country was recovering from the shock of demonetization of currency notes and people from different walks of life were expressing their views, you thought you should not be left behind. So, with your foot in the mouth you issued a statement “Kashmir Was Never An Integral Part Of India ,Nor Will It Be, India Should Talk To All The Stake Holders Including Huuriyat Conference “.

    We are much much junior Kashmir Watchers, but please share your “political wisdom” with us and let us know what connection demonetisation had with your statement. Why are you making a mockery of yourself. When did people of the valley ( Khannabal to Khadinyaris ), starting from your father Sheikh Mohd Abdullah down to the present Chief Minster think Kashmir was integral part of India. INDIA was and continues to be the “ATM ” for the people of Kashmir. The rulers and the people have enjoyed the liberal financial assistance making their lives comfortable , they have not made any secret that their heart and soul is across the LOC.

    Dr. Sahab, you have not seen the writing on the wall or are turning a blind eye, times have changed, and so have the people at the helm of affairs. The political regime with whom you worked and who looked after your “interests” were rubbished by the people of India and made to lick the dust at the hosting in 2014 as you and your son were made to eat the humble pie by the valley. They have now become the present day “Bahadur Shah Zafars ” of the country. Nobody has put the crown on their heads, they have risen from the grass root levels. They have no time for your antics nor for the twitters of your son. Even the situation in the valley has taken a U turn . Not to speak of you the erstwhile leaders like Ali Shah Gilani, Mirwaiz Umar , Yaseen Malik have been marginalized and replaced by the new generation of young leaders who are organizing the present unrest for the last four months.

    Dr. Sahab, though very difficult, you have to accept this fact , that you have become irrelevant in Kashmir politics. Gone are the days of “All Karega Wangon Karega , Sheikh  Karega”, it is now history. Now his grave has to be guarded by the security forces lest the terrorists dig his grave( they tried it once or twice). Gone are also those days when people would cheer you seeing going on a bike with a beautiful lady as the pillion. Now the situation is that you cannot step out of your gate on Gupkar Road without being shadowed by the Z plus security.When you talk of dialogue with stake holders, at least, don't include yourself. Why are you fooling yourself when you know the reality? The rulers of Pakistan are keeping the pot boiling for their own survival. They definitely have no love for the Kashmiris. The Army which is the real ruler of the country have their own reasons to keep the pot boiling.

    Dr. Sahab, being past 80 years, it is high time, retire from the active politics. You have led a complete full life. Retire gracefully and enjoy life living in Lutyens Delhi with Z plus security in winter and enjoy the pleasant summer in U.K.

    Before I conclude I am grateful to you having traveled with you by your side with Z Plus security, the first and probably the last time.

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