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EditorialInadequacy and chinks in Health Sector

Inadequacy and chinks in Health Sector


Contrary to the high claims, the healthcare in remains neglected and a deficient sector. Sometimes, the available and medical services poses distressing experience and risk of life for want of timely and appropriate medical help at overburdened OPDs and health centres.

The healthcare system is often touted as a barometer of the government's commitment to its people but sadly, in J&K, this commitment seems to have withered away. Dilapidated hospitals, overcrowded clinics, a shortage of medicos and essential medical equipment, defunct and unused diagnostic/procedural equipments have become the unfortunate norm forcing many patients to avail the medical check-up and treatment in the hospitals located in the nearby states including many cities in , Delhi NCR and Chandigarh.

The situation in remote and rural areas of Jammu is not at all satisfactory despite extensive expansion of medical and health infrastructure as most of the health service centres in these areas are either without specialists and under staff or without the required life saving drugs and equipment.

Amidst a large number of such complaints and reports, a recent incident of some miscreant taking the charge of a seat of Super Specialist (Cardiologist) treating the women patients at Lalded Hospital in Srinagar has shocked the people and administration alike.

It is abysmally pathetic, as in this case an intruder impersonating as Cardiologist, in a major Hospital in Srinagar, has exposed the lacunae in the hospital management and vigilance that would have caused serious consequences.

It was the good luck of the patients that no disaster took place as the fake doctor was caught before giving shape to the ploy for which he gained illegal entry into the aforesaid hospital. Though inquiry has been ordered, the episode has exposed the free for all situation in government hospitals thus puncturing the balloon of the big claims of the government over providing state of art patient care. The consequences of this sort of negligence could have been severe. This case has uncovered the deplorable state of healthcare facilities in J&K.

It is imperative that the government recognize the urgency of the health sector and go for adequate funding, regular maintenance, and strategic planning besides bringing in enthusiastic staff which doesn't need external stimulus to fulfill its responsibilities as these aspects are quite essential to rejuvenate healthcare edifice in J&K.

As of now, the state of healthcare infrastructure is the testament to the government's low priority in fulfilling one of its most critical obligations to its citizens. It is high time that people start demanding accountability and action from those in power against such a dereliction of duty and indifference of those responsible for maintaining order in the hospitals and other medical facilities of the UT.

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