In Jammu, Rahul Gandhi promises restoration of J&K’s statehood


Tawi, Jan 23: On the 129th day of Bharat Jodo Yatra, Congress leader and Member Parliament Rahul Gandhi Monday said that demand for statehood is Jammu and 's biggest issue and the Congress party will use “full power” to get it restored.

“I have covered more than 3000 kilometers. During the yatra in Jammu and Kashmir, I have met a cross section of people from the last few days and let me tell you that during my conversation with them, I was informed that statehood for J&K is the biggest issue along with the highest level of unemployment in the country,” Rahul said, addressing a gathering at Satwari Chowk. He told the gathering that Congress party will fully support “you and your statehood demand.”

“To restore the statehood, we (Congress) will use our full power to get back the statehood as soon as possible,” Rahul said. “Statehood is your (people of J&K) biggest issue. There is no big issue as big as statehood. Your right has been snatched. Cross section of people from J&K during this yatra raised their concerns.”

Rahul said: “People told me, which I am sharing with you, that their voices are not being heard by the administration. Earlier native people have say in administration and trader but now entire trade is being run by outsiders and people of J&K watch them sitting haplessly.”

He further said that Jammu and Kashmir has the highest level of unemployment in the country.


“Youngsters aspire to become engineers, doctors and lawyers but they find they cannot because of lack of opportunities,” he said.