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Idiotic Charge


Senior Congress leader who is also a top lawyer Kapil Sibal lent further weight to the open and shut case of a cock-and-bull story about the rigging of the Electronic Voting Machines ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha poll. Taking the most idiotic and laughable charge by one Syed Shuja, a so-called US-based cyber expert to his stride.

Few days back the former Chief Minister of , Farooq Abdullah had gone far ahead by terming the EVM as ‘Chore Machine' at the venue of Mahagathbandan.

If allegations are true, then even the victory of Congress party in the recently held Assembly polls in three states  and also that of Farooq Abdullah as Member Parliament are questionable.

Such allegations about hack-ability of EVMs are a mere political gimmick, which are now being routinely raised on the eve of every election. It has now become an oft repeated political ‘jumla' and a scapegoat. High Courts in Bombay, Karnataka, Kerala, Madras, Guwahati have already held that Indian EVMs are tamper-proof and cannot be manipulated. Karnataka HC has even hailed these machines as ‘ pride'. Even Supreme Court dismissed allegations as unsubstantiated and has refused to direct any rollback to the old ballot paper system.

Not a single election has been declared void by any court on the ground of tampering since the first EVMs were used in 1982-83.

The Election Commission of has asked the Delhi Police to file an FIR against US based cyber expert Syed Shuja, who alleged that every Indian election since 2014, regardless of its outcome, had been rigged by tampering with electronic voting machines (EVMs). Electronic Corporation of India (ECIL), the company that he claimed to work for, clarified that he was never an employee at the organisation.

The ECI in its booklet has explained the strict technological and administrative safeguards use in the production and use of EVMs. The EVM system is a path-breaking reform in our electoral process and the ECI's ‘lead' is now being followed by many democracies around the globe.

There were serious maladies that the old paper system suffered, like booth capturing, long delays in the counting of votes, rejection of large numbers. Not to mention the printing of crores and crores of ballot papers or which many a forests got denuded.

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