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EditorialH9N2 outbreak: Take no chance!

H9N2 outbreak: Take no chance!


It has become utmost necessary for the Government of to remain on toes as far as reports regarding outbreak of H9N2 in China is concerned as the country should not take things for granted especially after the ‘bitter pill' which COVID-19 forced it to swallow after its spread despite assurances given by the government at that time also. It is however satisfying that the Centre has given assurance that country is prepared for any kind of exigency that may emerge from the current influenza situation in China. As it is monitoring the outbreak of H9N2 and clusters of respiratory illness in children in the country's neighbourhood but like in the case of coronavirus, there is no scope for any kind of lethargy in this matter. A continuous monitoring and an effective panacea in hand is the need of the time so that in case of any exigency  things should not go out of control. Notably, the symptoms of H9N2 infection in humans are similar to those of other influenza viruses, and can include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle or body aches, headaches, and fatigue. Till date, the government maintains that the risk to India from both the avian influenza H9N2 and the clusters of respiratory illness is low. However, complacency in this matter would be unwise. India must remain prepared for the worst, as circumstances can change rapidly, reminiscent of the coronavirus situation. The coronavirus infiltrated the country surreptitiously, catching decision-makers off guard and resulting in the tragic loss of numerous lives. This precedent underscores the need for constant vigilance and readiness to respond promptly to any threat. It is right time that the people helming the affairs of the country should showcase enough maturity and do not belittle any healthcare threat which could penetrate in the country in one way or the other.

Albeit it is true that governments at times deny about any such dangers to ensure that calm prevails in the country, which is also important but what is to be seen is that it should not delay the precautionary measures or steps to contain the aforesaid diseases influx towards India as a trade-off between keeping public calm and taking actions to counter the disease threat is a must in this case.

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