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EditorialGo for Safety Audits of Old Buildings!

Go for Safety Audits of Old Buildings!


today witnessed an unfortunate incident in which a portion of the ancient Ranbireshwar Temple collapsed after being struck by lightning amid heavy rains. This occurrence has raised many questions about the safety of buildings that were constructed in bygone era and are still in use with people visiting or even living in them without giving much thought on the safety concerns.

The collapse of the portion of the famous temple in Jammu without any loss of life or injury to anyone could be considered as another chance given by the Almighty to the people of Jammu region to take all requisite precautions to safeguard the lives by holding safety audit of buildings which are not in good shape and can become cause of worry as in the case of Ranbireshwar Temple. Those having knowledge of old Jammu constructions especially falling within the walled city must be knowing that still there are houses and other buildings in use, which are over hundred years old.

The announcement made by the helmsmen running the affairs of JMC about building safety audit of all religious destinations in the vicinity is needful but they should not forget that the old buildings in use by the people are also at high risk and any mishap can happen anytime especially during the natural calamities, which are striking the place quite due to global climatic changes registered in the recent past.

Of course, it is not easy to go for safety audits of all the buildings which are at risk therefore the government should issue directions to people to go for such mandatory inspections on their own and submit reports to the concerned officials. The government can decide the cut off dates for the buildings like all buildings which are 50 years old should go for inspections or any other cut off date as suggested by the experts in the field.

All said and done, the Jammu Municipal Corporation should do more to make old buildings under its jurisdiction more safe and livable, and for this safety audits of old buildings should indeed be made compulsory for several compelling reasons. Old buildings are more susceptible to structural issues, which, if not identified and addressed, can pose serious risks to occupants and passersby.

It is for sure that by making safety audits compulsory, the authorities can proactively prevent accidents such as collapses, fires, or other structural failures like the case of Ranbireshwar Temple. This can save lives and reduce injuries, preventing potential disasters. Many old buildings have historical or architectural significance.

Safety audits can help identify necessary repairs and restoration work, preserving these cultural and historical treasures for future generations. One should understand that making safety audits of old buildings compulsory is a responsible and essential measure to protect public safety, preserve historical and architectural heritage, and promote the well-being of people associated with these old structures.

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