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Get to the roots!


Isn't it bizarre that the Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs (FCS&CA) Department has issued a stern warning to the economically sound individuals including government officials and pensioners holding Below Poverty Line (BPL) ration cards, telling them to give up their cards or face consequences?

No doubt that those who are not eligible to acquire such ration cards are at fault by holding the same and taking undue benefits but why on earth, the aforesaid department has failed to remember that all such cards have been issued by the concerned officials of this very department and they are the main culprits for this kind of Gorakhdhanda. It is intriguing that the department is saving the skin of those who are the real wrongdoers in the matter and contrarily giving ultimatums to those having such unauthorized ration cards. It is intriguing that the same department had already cancelled thousands of bogus ration cards after seedling of Ration Cards with Adhar. It has also converted unilaterally, on its own, thousands of ration cards of citizens who have stable income on the basis of data available with it. Then why it shows helplessness in this matter especially in .

There is not an iota of doubt that those who possessed the BPL ration cards despite not falling in this category deserve to be taken to task but first of all, the helmsmen should have tightened noose around those who facilitated the corrupt lot to have aforesaid ration cards by using illegal means as until the root cause is not mended things will continue to move in wrong direction and more of such cases are likely to be emanated in the time to come.

Of course, the wrong doers having ration-cards which they have acquired through devious means should be brought to book in case they failed to comply with the aforesaid direction to submit the bogus ration cards within stipulated time.

It is pertinent to mention that during the re-verification of ration cards, FCS&CA officials discovered that many ineligible households had Priority Household (PHH) ration cards also known as BPL, which allowed them to receive highly subsidised ration supplies in violation of the law. The PHH ration cards allow the bearer to buy up to 5 kg of food grains per family member each month at discounted costs. PHH ration card holders can purchase rice at Rs 3 per kg, wheat for Rs 2 per kg, and coarse grains for Rs 1 per kg.

The concerned department issued an ultimatum to government employees, pensioners, and economically sound persons who have PHH ration cards to surrender them at the earliest opportunity or else it will take strong action against them. It has been directed that the department will recover the cost of subsidy they have received by getting food grains at a nominal price and the same lot will also be blacklisted.

Until and unless, the black sheep in the concerned department will not be taken to task, the problem will persist therefore it is imperative that the concerned department should hold an intrinsic probe and fix the responsibility of the employees at fault, who had committed the of providing ration cards to ineligible entities.

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