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Opinions'Free operations' for the release of Indians abroad!

‘Free operations’ for the release of Indians abroad!


Jayesh Rane

Considering the warlike situation in Israel, the Government of India has started to implement ‘Operation Ajay'. Under that, the first ‘Air India' plane carrying Indian citizens arrived in the capital on October 13 morning. Air travel is free under Operation Ajay. Eighteen thousand Indian citizens in Israel will be brought to India.

A state of emergency has arisen in the country. e.g. Israel. At such time in that country, the main areas gets hit. E.g. Banks, markets etc. Because of this, it's difficult to get essential things. At such a time, the only thought in the head is to go home safely as soon as possible. Indian citizens should not have problems due to money at such a time. The government tries to save their lives first and bring them back home safely. This is the right thing to do. Any coalition government in power at the center has to do the same. Around twenty thousand Indians were brought to India by the Indian government during the Russia-Ukraine war. With free of cost. For this, ‘Operation Ganga' was implemented. India had launched ‘Operation Kaveri' in March 2023 to rescue the countrymen from Sudan, where the armed conflict was raging between the army and paramilitary forces. Indian nationals were brought back from Sudan by Indian ships and planes. That too for free.

Such operations use the tax money of the people of the country. Although this is the main point, it needs a permanent solution. Otherwise India cannot afford such expenses. Money is required for the implementation of public projects or development. Many times people have to wait for long time for getting new facilities. People are used to hearing that ‘Now there is no fund, the work can be started when it comes'. But the habit of passing the day on, being satisfied with that has become also a habit. How much money will be spent for the ongoing ‘Operation Ajay'? The government must have an idea of this. Such a operations  should not affects the government schemes. How much delay will be there in getting the necessary funds for schemes? And how long will people have to wait for the facilities? This is also a serious question. Moreover, the relief which was given in domestic gas cylinder charges will remain the same? Such a question is bothering people.

Air travel charges should be paid by those evacuated by asking the government about where to deposit money ? OR they can deposit money in to the accounts of

social welfare, military welfare departments. That would be true gratitude. The government will never say to pay travel charges. But we should understand the condition of our country and come forward to fill it on our own when we come to India. Although India is progressing rapidly, the Indian economy is not capable enough to meet this formula of free. Therefore, there should be a broad consideration in terms of not causing financial loss to the country due to me. Just coming to India does not complete the subject. So I should not hesitate to pay the debt of free air travel on my head.

The class going abroad for job – etc. is large. Travel and other expenses incurred while going abroad for education are borne by us from our own pocket. The travel expenses of those sent by companies for are borne by the company. It's not like nobody knows the math of air travel costs. To think like that is basically illogical. Whether it is a job or education in abroad, the purpose of both is the same. That means earning in foreign currency without earning in rupees. God is remembered only in times of trouble, at times of happiness he is not remembered. In the same way, those who are in abroad remember motherland during the crisis. Why not think so?  These people only thinks about themselves. The reason for saying this is, the country who is facing emergency. From their they used to leave and reach homeland with free of cost. When any talented person does not get a decent salary in home country or there is no possibility of it, he goes abroad. In fact, keeping the aim of reaching abroad, he used to continue that way from earlier. Everything is done for money purpose. underlines here.

Indian citizens are in various countries of the . They should also think ‘with whom the country in which we are living has a dispute or which country is in a position to attack them at any time.' Considering this. How safe is it to live in such a country? And what is the guarantee of what will happen if we stick to it despite the perception of local dire situation?

Is the world heading for a third world war? This question needs to be carefully considered. Different countries are fighting each other. Even if international conferences and meetings are held to keep them together, it's of no use. Global thinking at the international level and local thinking for neighbouring countries with two different ideologies. These are different ends. As this is the case, it is always preferred to be arbitrary. If we remain calm then our existence is in jeopardy and the fear of disappearing from the world map continues to haunt us. Instead of being under constant stress, attack and give way to anger. And don't think on who is saying what. Such is the current picture. The thought of calling for a solution through meetings won't work. But then to concerned countries are putting their thoughts to know their thoughts towards the countries facing the war. This is especially due to the edge of trade relations.

Enemy countries are connected for the sake of trade. But once the war is started everything goes in vain instantly and sets out to destroy each other. This is happening internationally today. Although everything seems calm on the surface, there is a lot of commotion inside. At such a time, a cunning country like China does not actually participate in the war anywhere. He prefers to stay calm by calling for peace.

How much in rupees or dollars is the air ticket to India from where I am abroad? Those concerned have an idea of this. Considering the fragile situation at the international level, it is uncertain which countries will flare up. Therefore, the Government of India should positively think on requesting to those who are abroad to deposit the air travel charge from that country to India. So that it will be used to bring them from that country during emergency. In the absence of an emergency situation, if the Indian citizen returns to his home country as usual, even then the facility should be provided to use the accumulated charge. When he goes back abroad, he should deposit the necessary repatriation charge ( returning money ) to the government. Government of India should implement a separate mechanism for depositing the travel charges. Even if the government changes, that system should not change. This will not disrupt the current economic cycle anywhere and the issue of free air travel will go away.

– Jayesh Rane

(The writer is an analyst on various subjects like social, educational, technical, political, economic, revenue, religious, arts, international affairs, defence, etc.)


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