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    FDA and DOJ Unite to Crack Down on Illicit E-Cigarette Trade

    The growing issue of unauthorized electronic cigarettes has led top regulatory agencies in the US to form a dedicated task force to crack down on illegal sales and distribution. In a major collaborative effort, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Department of Justice (DOJ) have joined hands to tackle the problem through stringent enforcement measures.

    The newly launched task force will bring together personnel from key bodies like the US Marshals Service, Postal Inspection Service, Federal Trade Commission and others. Their chief objective will be to identify and prosecute individuals and organizations involved in unauthorized marketing and supply of e-cigarettes. These illegal products, many of which target underage consumers through appealing flavors, pose serious risks especially for minors.

    Over the past year alone, agencies like the FDA have issued over a thousand warnings to distributors violating regulations. In December, a massive haul of 1.4 million unauthorized e-cigarette units was also seized. However, the problem persists warranting urgent and coordinated action across departments.

    According to recent CDC data, more than one in ten young adults currently use e-cigarettes regularly. Such disturbing trends underscore the importance of the new multi-pronged strategy that will entail investigations, penalties, seizures and other criminal/civil proceedings. Manufacturers are additionally required to submit marketing approval applications for existing products to continue selling legally.

    have universally welcomed the government's get-tough approach. As the head of American Lung Association commented, sufficient enforcement measures must be taken to curb irresponsible practices harmful to public, especially youth health. With its cross-agency cooperation, the task force aims to rid the market of toxic uncertified vaping materials for good. Citizens can thus feel confident regulated electronic cigarettes available nationally will not pose unnecessary risks.

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