Epicentre of terrorism: Pak minorities put up posters outside UN office


Geneva, Feb 29: In yet another embarrassment for Pakistan, a banner calling Pakistani Army ‘epicenter of terrorism' was seen during the 43rd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva. The minorities said their country was a threat to security and thus they protested during the ongoing 43rd session of the UNHRC. “Pakistan Army Epicenter of International Terrorism,” read the banner which was put up near Broken Chair monument in Geneva, during the ongoing UNHRC's 43rd session.

This comes a day after advised Pakistan to stop terror funding and dismantle terrorist camps operating from its soil and territories under its control while decrying Islamabad's efforts to derail the positive developments in and Kashmir.

“Pakistan is the epicentre of global terrorism. It's more than a little ironical that the nation that has become the world's leading exporter of terror and violence seeks to lecture others about human rights,” said Vikas Swarup, Secretary(West), Ministry of External Affairs at UNHRC in Geneva.

Defending the government”s decision to reorganise Jammu and Kashmir, Swarup said, “Jammu and Kashmir was, is and shall forever remain an integral part of India. The transformative changes brought by our Parliament in last August were meant to strengthen the integration of the state.”

“Despite Pakistan's best efforts, over decades to destabilise the state through externally-instigated terror and a campaign of canards and untruth, the situation on the ground is quite normal,” he further said.