IndiaEarthquake Early Warning System being developed by IIT

Earthquake Early Warning System being developed by IIT


Earthquake Early Warning System being developed by IIT



Earthquake Onsite Early warning and Security System developed by GFZ- Geo Research Centre, Potsdam and Secty Electronics, Germany is the only solution for the early warning of earthquakes for security and safety of the people of Uttrakhand. This is only available device in ; can save the lives of people and reduce the damages in case a severe earthquake strikes.


Bijender Goel, Managing Director, Terra Techcom Pvt. Ltd. Said that depending upon the Earthquake early warning System being developed by IIT, Roorkee has less relevance for the Uttrakhand as early warning time for the state is very less. Any Regional or frontal Earthquake early warning system needs at least 8-12 seconds to release any warning and these 8-12 seconds could be very dangerous and shake the whole state of Uttrakhand causing huge loss of lives and infrastructure. Mr. Goel told that such earthquake early warning system being developed by IIT, Roorkee could be very helpful to the farthest cities. If both Onsite and EWS are integrated together than it could deliver wonderful results if a severe earthquake strikes.


The states of Jammu and Kashmir, , Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, NCR region Delhi and entire north eastern part of India are at high risk keeping in view of the fact that the world is seismically more active now and recent predictions by the scientists of giant earthquakes in the Himalayan region in near future and subsequently confirmation by the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India in the parliament, may cause huge losses to the human lives, infrastructure and industries if a severe earthquake of magnitude 8 or more hits Uttrakhand.


Uttrakhand has a history of worst earthquakes in Dharchula, Uttarkashi, Joshimath and Pipalkoti and suffered a lot from these worst earthquakes. Recent tremors in Uttrakhand has put everybody on high alert. Northern part of India may suffer a lot if a severe earthquake strikes again. Our scientists are still working hard to find a solution for the early warnings of earthquakes.


Uttrakhand state is very sensitive and prone to earthquakes, falls under seismic zone IV & V. Our onsite EWS could be a solution for the safety and security of the people, tourists and its infrastructure. This will also help in boosting the tourism and investment in the state. We are only private company in the world providing all solutions for early warning, onsite early warning and real time warning of earthquakes.


We have Introduced all solutions for the early warning and onsite early warning of earthquakes at such a time when earthquakes have become an issue before the South Asian countries. German company “secty electronics GmbH” and well known GFZ-German Geo Research Centre, Potsdam, Germany has developed this EWS a decade ago and installed successfully in 26 countries like India, USA, Germany, Chile, Indonesia,Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, China, Mexico. Only device of the world which can connect to any building management system. It has patents in USA, JAPAN, IRAN & EUROPE, This system has been specifically developed to alarm the people and shut off all running applications at primary waves before the destructive secondary waves of severe earthquake strikes and can minimize the huge losses.


Only device of the world having exposure on real earthquakes and has record timings of giving alarm 30 seconds before the damaging secondary waves hit Chile (2010) and Indonesia (2012). This device has not given any false alarm since its first installation in last 10 years.


Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) understands this system as one of the best available device in the world for onsite earthquake warnings. CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre, Ministry of Science and , Government of India has successfully tested its eight (8) threshold values. National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has also discussed and opened the door for the installation of such Onsite warning systems in India during its meeting in May 2016.

Successful testing by 6 International scientific institutions like GFZ-Geo research Centre, Potsdam, Germany; TUV Engineers, Germany; BAM, Germany; Sheriff University, Tehran, Iran and National Observatory of Athens, Greece proves its uniqueness in the world.

This device is capable of shutting down the industries, transports/ trains/ metro by managing traffic signals and cutting off the power supply, deliver early signals at airports/ satellite launch and alarm the people at hospitals, educational institutions, industries, multi- story buildings, shopping malls and control further damage by shutting off gas, power, water, open emergency exit gates etc. Cutting off gas and oil supply from high pressure to low pressure helps gas and oil industry to minimize its losses.

Government of has approved this device and recommended to its various departments to consider this for building bye laws. It has already been installed at New Secretariat, Haryana, Chandigarh and Haryana Institute of Public Administration (HIPA), Gurgaon by Haryana government.

Now Its time for The Indian Government, National Disaster management Authority and other state Governments to act and initiate immediate necessary action

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