DYSS Kishtwar organises 5-Day Refresher Course for Physical Education Teachers, Rehbar-e-Khel and Groundsmen

NL Corresspondent

Kishtwar, Sept 13: The Youth Services & Department Kishtwar today initiated a comprehensive five-day Refresher Course designed for Physical Teachers, Rehbar-e-Khel personnel, and Groundsmen, spanning various sports disciplines.

With an impressive participation of 106 physical education staff, this course is poised to make a profound impact on the development of sports education within the region.

Under the discerning guidance District Youth Services & Sports Officer Kharati Lal Sharma,, the meticulously organized Refresher Course aims to equip participants with up-to-date knowledge on the latest rules and regulations governing their respective sports. Furthermore, it strives to foster physical fitness by encompassing all facets of Physical Education & Sports, encompassing techniques and skills necessary for effective coaching.

The primary objective of this endeavor is to enhance the pedagogical skills of the educators, empowering them to nurture the sporting potential of students while nurturing a vibrant sports culture within the district.

District Youth Services & Sports Officer Kishtwar, Kharati Lal Sharma issued directives to the resource persons overseeing the course. They have been tasked with delivering daily lectures during morning assemblies, emphasizing moral values and urging participants to inspire students. The emphasis here is not only on honing sporting talent but also instilling discipline and a sense of social responsibility among the students, thereby contributing positively to society and the nation.

The overall incharge of this significant course is Suresh Chander, Physical Education Master in charge and Zonal Physical Education Officer Nagseni.

His wealth of experience and expertise will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this initiative.

The Refresher Course represents a crucial step towards strengthening the foundation of sports education within Kishtwar, fostering a generation of well-rounded individuals who excel both on and off the field.