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IndiaDeal firmly with situation in valley: Prof Virender

Deal firmly with situation in valley: Prof Virender


Tawi, August 08: BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta called upon the state government to deal with the present situation prevailing in the valley firmly. He said that there is no option for the government other than meeting the challenge posed by the separatists and militants supported by Pakistan, decisively and with iron hand and added that otherwise the situation would get deteriorated  further, day by day and it may not be possible to bring the normalcy back on the track.

Prof. Virender Gupta said that at present the morale of the state police, CRPF and other security forces have gone down because of the past happenings, where lot of restrictions have been imposed on them and have not been given appropriate freedom to tackle the situation. He said that this would have dangerous consequences as the miscreants, anti- elements and terrorists get leverage to do whatever they want as a result the situation in the valley has worsened and if things continue shall lead to dangerous consequences, challenging the integrity of the country and life of the common man of the valley and added that the process of migration of peace living Kashmiri from the valley has already started.

Prof. Virender also criticized the leaders of NC and Congress, in particular Omar Abdullah and PCC president, GA MIR for their role in instigating the Kashmiri masses and becoming instrument in deteriorating the situation. He appealed to the people of , in particular the Kashmiri youth to shun the path of self destruction and help in restoring the normalcy and added that happening in PoK including Gilgit and Baltistan should be eye opener for them and they should ponder upon the atrocities committed on the people there by Pakistani government and look at the conditions of slavery that has been thrust upon them. Prof. Virender asked the misguided youth to learn lesson from the treatment being meted to the people of Sindh, Blochistan and North Frontier Province who are suffering worst kind of discrimination and facing atrocities under the Punjabi dominated Pakistan rulers and struggling to get freedom from Pakistan? He further added that ultimately Pakistan, in favour of which the slogans are being raised in Kashmir valley going to itself disintegrate, because of the path that it has adopted against people of Sindh, North West Frontier, Blochistan, POK including Gilgit and Baltistan. He said that by resorting to violence, the people of Kashmir are only endangering the very existence of Kashmir. He further said that we should not make Kashmir another Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

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