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EditorialDawn of new hope!

Dawn of new hope!


The New Year has dawned and we have entered 2019. If one sees it practically, it is just the dawn of another day, but the significance is that it has brought with it a new hope, optimism and joy, for it marks the beginning of a fresh new year. Perhaps, this is the only event that is celebrated by people across the , cutting across boundaries, religious, linguistic and other barriers. This century will lose its teenage tag this year as it will complete 19 come December. And, for those youth in who are in the final years of their teenage, this year is crucial, as they will be casting their first vote in the forthcoming Parliament elections while in they have to participate in Assembly elections too.
Since they are going to choose the ones who will rule the state and the country and decide their fate for the next five-six years (6 years for J&K Assembly), they need a lot of caution before doing their democratic duty. Past performance of parties that were in power should be evaluated, promises should be analyzed and the worth of candidates (both MP and prime ministerial; MLA and CM) should be carefully scrutinized. It is not like sharing and commenting a post on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Also, more and more youth should come forward to take the political plunge, as this country needs active contribution from its children.
However, stay aloof from petty politics and parochial thoughts in the interest of the long cherished peace in our state. Make our elders (Parents & siblings) happy and fulfill their aspirations and joy. Save them from witnessing the agony of bloodshed. With the New Year giving another 365 days, each day is meant to be spent with joy and purpose. There should be a fine balance between work and leisure, profession and family and duty and dreams. Life is to live, with supporting family, rewarding work and fun-loving friends. On 31 December 2019, each one of us should have beautiful memories that would be cherished in the years to come.

Happy New Year!

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