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IndiaDathrastras of Satisar … and deception goes on!

Dathrastras of Satisar … and deception goes on!


By Bhushan Parimoo

Have you noticed that Kashmiris in the valley [Satisar] have a high incidence of myopic, in comparison to others in the State?  Whatever the reason it has over the time adversely affected our physiology of judgment. We see more through our hearts and presumptions like a sightless than reasoning. This has telling impact in our dealings as beyond nose we see nothing.  Inculcated and cultivated the selfishness, giving rise to cowardly, keeping our interest in mind at whatever the cost, has rendered the meaning of self-respect rudimentary in the process. It pains this writer haunts all the time and my whole conscious stirs badly, wished it was wrong but it is not that way. Frederick Drew in late eighteen century drew his opinion that if you shake hand with any of us the Kashmiri, make sure after handshake your fingers are intact.

Our leaders are Dathrastras of Satisar. Like him, we want to justify the unjustified interests of their own dear and near; hence unending war of Kashmir Mahabharata is on in our segregation.

Valley forms mere 8% of the whole area of the princely state of and Kashmir which is more than Great Britain comprising of England, Scotland and Ireland together and many times larger than Nepal and biggest state in pre-Independent India. Tiny valley  once under water  called has 20% of the total population on this side  This percentage will decrease once we take out the population of the other side on PoK, yet behave as they are  superiors race like Nazis thought of being Aryans,  only made  to rule  all other subjects. Kashmiri leadership owes an explanation to the state subjects. Its inability to make efforts to restore the position of the state  which was before partition, Kashmir valley don't represent the whole state Sheikh Mohd Abdullah was thrusted upon by conspiring to oust the Maharaja, against the wishes  of those who  mattered in political arena. Leadership of Kashmir all along deprived and denied rightful place and share in administration and pushed Jammu Muslim leadership prospective contenders on gun point, across the border instead associating them whose contribution in the struggle was second to none besides it was they who faced worst in communal frenzy like their Hindu brethren.

They sliced the Muslims of Jammu division, in such a way to  render them as non-entity, non-Kashmir speaking Dogra Muslims  consisting of Rajputs, Jats and other engaged in auxiliary trades are one with other Dogras of different faith like Kashmir were once. Jammuites have different language, culture, habits and way of life, warriors and persons of word.


Non-Kashmiris are not to be trusted by Kashmiri leadership despite diamond jubilee of their loyalty. Mulana Masoodi, is a glaring example, who was shown the door with the remarks, as alleged it is said, that his every hair of beard has Satan in it. Termed him a Gujjar though he was Pahari a distant relative of Amanullah Khan, Haji Buland Khan a veteran Gujjar leader was also shabbily treated when he asked for proportionate representation for Gujjars. Ghulam Nabi Azad, a Kashmiri married in Kashmir was termed as Gujjar during Amarnath Yatra agitation crying Azad Seeaan Kabaar, Kashir Neebaar means no place in the valley even for burial purposes of Azad. Such is the hate for non-Kashmiris.

Readers may like to know a decade earlier a bus from Kangan met with an accident near Manigam, injured and dead were brought to Soura Medical  Institute.  Among dead were Gujjars from Rajouri who were not allowed to bury in any grave yard  in the city  on the plea that these grave yards are for locals only and had to be  transported the dead to their native places. This news were carried not by Kashmir journalists but by Jammu veteran journalist Habans Nagokey in Daily Jaagran, with a heading DOOW GAAZ  ZAMIN BEE NAA MEEL SAKI KOW YAAR MAI. We discriminate even with dead.

Jammu had six districts at the time of carving legislative assembly seats while Kashmir three, area wise Jammu and had far greater area but for Kashmiris out of 100 carved assembly seats, 40 went to little valley, two to Ladhakh, thirty one to Jammu and rest 25 were kept for rest of the area across the area now under Pakistan's occupation. The populations of area now known as PoK area for which 25 seats are kept vacant were not given even a single legislative seat rather they were absorbed within the few of 31 seats meant for Jammu region.  Three Lok Shaba constituencies for tiny valley two for Jammu and one for entire division, Kashmiri style of justice. Now those 25 seats kept for entire area of other side have no mention because to unite the whole state as was one is not in the schemes of the Kashmir rulers. Conference initially used to call whole state is our but had prevailed upon Nehru to keep the non- Kashmiri area away as uncontrollable. In 1975 after National Conference made sudden about turn, accepted the accession and rode on the waves of power. Its letterhead had All Jammu and Kashmir National Conference but a few years later word ‘All' was dropped. When asked the reason, it was answered that ‘All' means entire state but Azad Kashmir, we need not to talk, so that was that.

Prem Nath Bazaz was best bet to create an congenial atmosphere between the two parts divide per force, as he commanded the respects of those people who mattered there but Sheikh Abdullan banished him from the state till he breathed last, as he knew he can deliver the goods to lessen some restrictions but hate was the wave which the rulers want to keep to run hate steamed driven government. After PN Bazaz, it was the Atal Bihari Vajpayee on who common Pakistani had faith of honesty. Even the top leaders of Muslims of Jammu who wanted to stay back were hounded and pushed to the Pakistan soil or PoK. This needs another write up.

Ramchand Kak, the Prime Minister of the state was jailed, paraded through main bazaar on foot, handcuffed with grass ropes, spited and hooted. His fault was he pleaded with Maharaja for Independent state.

Naya Kashmir, Khushal Kashmir, Greater Autonomy, Self Rule, Kashmiriyat, Masalaie Kashmir and Pannun Kashmir are all for tiny valley. Who cares for other 92% of area, is it not selfish, self centered schemes.

Naya Kashmir doctrine was originally conceived and written by Baba Pyare Lal Singh Bedi, a Punjabi Sikh, an author and philosopher, born into a family that had devoted itself to India's fight for independence from British colonial rule. His son Kabir Bedi is a well know actor and TV Presenter.

Aatish-e-Chinar, a biography got written by M.Y. Teng it was attempted to attribute the credit for the concept of Naya Kashmir to Sheikh Abdullah.  Khoojas ruled the roost; they knew well that till the time they keep state subjects of the princely state divided, on the boil under the fire of communal hatred they are secure to have their mean ways to succeed.

Shias cannot take Tazia processions in the valley, Sikhs refugees from across were not allowed to settle down in valley. Kashmiri leadership never uttered a single word about. Doling out a major part of J&K to China in 1963; grabbing the Gilgit area, perpetrating atrocities there by Pakistanis. Not to talk of coming to streets, Kashmiri of any faith is concerned with his own self and none else – it is utterly a foul play if not termed as Baadzatiyat.

(Writer is an environmentalist and political commentator and can be contacted at )

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