EditorialCongress’ complicity in 1984 Sikhs massacre!

Congress’ complicity in 1984 Sikhs massacre!


Yesterday, we have discussed the report of Congress leader Sajjan Kumar's conviction. We may put some light on the aspect of complicity of the Congress party leaders in the mayhem that perpetrated on the Sikh community during the fateful days from Oct. 31 to Nove 04.
People may have felt a sigh of relief that senior Congress leader Sajjan Kumar has been convicted for his role in the killings of Sikhs in Delhi in 1984 Sikh Massacre but at the same time they have a strong sense too of regret that quite a few other leaders of the party involved in the pogrom have got away scot-free. All know that the same Congress leader in April 2013, was exonerated Sajjan by the trial court.
Sajjan, 73, will now spend the rest of his life in jail. While admiring the courage and dogged spirit of Jagmeet Kaur, whose husband, son and three cousins were burnt alive before her eyes —the High Court said ‘ … she comes across as a fearless and truthful witness.' Indeed, there was no lack of evidence and eyewitnesses to prove conclusively the complicity of senior Congress leaders in the mass murder of Sikhs. Nearly 3,000 perished in that mob frenzy of madness, aided and abetted by the police and supported by the senior leadership of the then ruling party. But successive Congress governments were determined to deny justice to the survivors of that darkest chapter in the life of free .
A number of commissions and committees that were set up failed to deliver justice, with some of them openly engaging in a whitewash job. So deep was the conspiracy to put a tight lid on the killings that a former Chief Justice of India who headed a commission of inquiry virtually absolved people like Kumar, suggesting that the killings were spontaneous due to the anger of the people at the assassination of the then prime minister by her Sikh guards. The said former Chief Justice of India was soon rewarded with nomination to the Rajya Sabha.
Why, the complicity of the highest in the Congress government and party was clear from when Rajiv Gandhi virtually justified the mass killings, remarking that when a big tree falls, the earth shakes. Of course, Kumar was not the only one who led murderous mobs on a three-day killing spree. H K L Bhagat, a former Union Minister and Delhi Congress chief, along with Jagdish Tytler, competed with Kumar to log maximum number of killings in their respective parliamentary constituencies. Tytler is still facing trial in several cases while Bhagat died a few years ago. Another prominent leader whose name has invariably in this context is Kamal Nath, the Congree party has named as the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh.
The conviction of Kumar after 34 years also underlines the systemic failure to bring to justice the perpetrators of communal mass killing in which several lives were lost. The court noted how the 1984 riots were supported by the Congress Party and abetted by the police and the state machinery. And the Lok Sabha election that was held soon after the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the Congress ran a most communal campaign, to exploit the anti-Sikh sentiment in the country.

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