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OpinionsBlurred future of the State of Jammu and Kashmir

Blurred future of the State of Jammu and Kashmir


Sameena Raja

It's a common observation that people of the State of and claim that the State spread over about 85,000 sq. miles is a non divisible entity, it's further proclaimed that people living in all divided parts of the State of Jammu and Kashmir (as it existed on 15th August 1947) are one nation, some people call the geographical boundaries of the State of Jammu and Kashmir as one unit, whether I agree to this one unit concept or not is a different subject. The State of Jammu and Kashmir comprises of various religious communities who don't share common language, , civilisation and history. In fact Jammu and Kashmir State is a union of various diverse nationalities.
And in such a State one unit and integration of diverse communities just doesn't happen by default.
It takes centuries of mutual and voluntary sacrifices, peace and love to build nations.
Mahrajah Gulab Singh formed this geographical and political one unit and his heirs made very sincere and focused efforts to consolidate this one unit. Mahrajah Hari Singh took practical steps to go even further than one unit and initiated the process of social cohesion, harmony and integration to develop a nation based on this one unit.
But the British government of hatched a conspiracy and sowed the seeds of religious hatred and communal enmity in the ranks of this emerging nation. Sheikh Abdullaha played in the hands of British architects of the division and raised a slogan calling for the abandonment of the Amritsar Treaty and demanded Dogra rulers of Jammu to quit Kashmir.
This hatred was established and spread by Sheikh Abdullaha and then people of Kashmir carried on their journey of hatred and enmity following the foot steps of Sheikh Abdullaha.
Later on Pakistan planted their agents to continue these acts of disintegration and deformed the one unit and one nation philosophy.
This all resulted in the religious and communal polarisation and the one unit theory melted down so much so that Hindu population was cleansed from Kashmir and in the reaction Jammu became more and more biased pro Hindu and pro India region.
That's a brief background of the disintegration of the one unit.
Today this concept of one unit only exists in the books of history.
However, we may still buy the idea of this integration but the ball is now in the court of Kashmiries. They will have to submit an apology for their deeds and would have to take practical steps to end the decades long efforts of disintegration and deformity of the social, political and religious unity.
I only mirror the factual situations.
People of Jammu wish to see serious reconciliatory steps taken by the people of Kashmir who need to lay down guns and disassociate themselves from current extremist Muslim movement and Pakistani influence.
Love, peace, harmony, cohesion and integration process was disrupted by people of Kashmir and it's only they themselves who can reverse the wheel of hatred, enmity and disintegration.
If people of Kashmir Valley don't change their attitude and don't denounce present violence and armed mutiny being fuelled in Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir State which was given birth by Maharajah Gulab Singh and which established and developed politically, administratively and socially as an entity during 101 years of Dogra rule shall die for ever.

Sameena Raja – Jammu and Kashmir.

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