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OpinionsBio-CNG from the cow-dung mixed with stubble

Bio-CNG from the cow-dung mixed with stubble



For its plant in Britain, Tata steel has planned to completely replace in the next 3 years its blast furnace by the electric arc furnace to reduce the carbon emission. Obviously, is heading towards renewal energy, and so is . And to make its strong presence felt globally India has been organising for the last 16 years the Renewal Energy India Expo ; and this year it was recently organised in the month of September.
The production of one unit of electricity consumes 875 gm. coal. The nature takes about one lakh years to produce the coal , the studies in geography says. If together we each save even one unit of electricity we contribute in the conservation of climate. Second way is that which is shown from the government side . Checking the import and pollution is a part of economic nationalism , says Nitin Gadkari. Waste is nothing – only what is needed is to apply a and transform it into an asset. Farmer can also provide the electricity and the fuel to the country. For the stubble ( crop residue) or parali left in his farm may become a good source of them both , besides organic manure . And now the biggest refinery in the world Reliance industry has moved forward in that direction. It has installed stubble based Compressed Biogas production plant in Barabanki , UP. In the technology , Methane is produced by the stubble mixed with cow dung and urine (Gomutr) to be decomposed inside the bio-digester , which is later purified into Bio-CNG( compressed natural gas). The target of the company is to install 100 plants all over the country in first phase. In which 55 lakh tons of farm wastes with organic residues would be consumed. Apart from the production of fuel, about 25 lakh tons of organic manure we will get from this. And, 20 lakh tons of carbon emission from the stubble burning could be avoided.
However years back one such plant as a model had already been built and, thereof, running successfully in Sharda Vihar Residential school near Kerwa Dam , Bhopal. Making Institution energy self-sufficient, the plant fulfils the fuel requirement of the hostel . As also, the vehicles to be used there are run by the Bio-CNG produced from it through the green waste and cow dung of the Goushala(Cowshed) to be running in the premise itself.
Yet, this is not all. For the first time it was Atal Bihari Bachpai as Prime Minister of the country who put forth the idea of ethanol blended patrol before the nation. And now the limit of blending the petrol with ethanol is allowed to have been 10% on the level . Ethanol is extracted from sugarcane, as also from the surplus grains lying rotten in the warehouses(with the government permission recently granted). So also, to discourage import, government has increased the custom duty on the ethanol to protect the interest of country's farmers. In wake of favorable conditions that now companies are demanding to increase the limit to 15%. However Government itself wants to take the limit to 20% as soon as possible.
Presently the total worth of automobile industry is about 6.5 lakh crore. However the govt. is ambitious to take to 15 lakh crores in next 5 years with the goal of making country a hub of the world in the sector. Flex engine runs with 100% ethanol, and 100% petrol notably. Nitin Gadkari says, soon there would be the days when a great numbers of flex engine operated vehicles would be seen to be running on roads. It be remembered, out of the total two wheelers vehicles that Hero or TVS company manufacture, 50% of them are exported to the world.

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