Anniversaries are important for couples to maintain the bond they share

Pearl S. Buck an American writer and novelist has rightly said that “A good
marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the
way they express their love.” Marriage anniversaries are always special, but the
first anniversary is more than that. Within one year of relationship anniversaries,
couples make a lot of beautiful and cheerful memories that they can remember
forever. A daughter holds a very special place in a family. As she gets married
and starts her new life her responsibilities are more than any before. Marriage is

a new beginning and quite a drastic change for a woman. This change
can be daunting for a woman especially if she is moving in with her
husband’s family. It is very important to have a unique association between
new and old families for every girl because all of these sincerely demand love and
participation in all situations.

My lovely daughter Mansi, is very lucky because she
has such a blessed husband Shaurya whereas my
son-in-law is also lucky to get a beautiful and cute
life partner. Since the day she left this place, I find
myself besieged by the clouds of despondency. But
sometimes when I think that a girl has after all, to go
to her husband’s house, it brings some comfort to
me, scattering the clouds of sorrow a little bit. A
husband’s happiness is her real happiness. But, I
would say my daughter’s smile is what makes my
day brighter every day.
Time passes so fast that a year has gone celebrating
love, happiness, togetherness and promising each
other to stay together for long. Anniversary is a
symbolic gesture to show that how much we love and care for each other all
through the year. The loving glances that both share even the little things display
how much they care and mean to each other. My daughter’s first marriage
anniversary is a complete happiness as they both together make a lovely
pair. Watching my daughter & son-in-law is so delightful and inspiring. They have
a personal touch and are often bounded with emotions. Both are an
amalgamation of humility and rationality. I am lucky that my daughter got good
parent-in-law. They have created a strong bond and enforced healthy boundaries.
Nothing is more comforting to a newly wed bride than a woman who
welcomes her into the family with an open heart. A great mother in law
ensure that her daughter-in-law is comfortable in the new setting and
getting feeling at new home.
Through my article, I would like to tell my daughter that not a day passes by when
I don’t miss her. She has left her childhood home behind a year back, but her love
and affection still linger on in this space. Whenever I see a pink big doll on her
bed, immediately her beautiful smiling face comes in front of me. Our home
always felt like it missed a piece of a puzzle.
I miss my daughter, but above everything, I feel happy knowing that she is happy
in her new life. Every day, I pray that her love and togetherness gets stronger by

each passing day. One year has passed, and there are many more on the way.
There is no doubt that celebrating a Wedding anniversary shows that marriage is
a priority in our life. It gives us a chance to pull back from the daily grind and
relive a moment that changed our ife forever.

Vinod Chandrashekhar Dixit
B-15 Jyoti-Kalash Society,
Jodhpur Tekra
Ahmedabad – 380 015