A shot in the dark!

Recently, senior BJP leader and Union Minister V.K Singh had asserted that Pakistan Occupied and (POJK) would become a part of on its own and it is just a matter of time.

Such a ‘prediction' by a union minister seems to be more a political reaction in view of the deteriorating socio-economic situation in Pakistan and PoK than out of any logical matrix in hand. He however, avoided any clarification as to how this difficult task would be accomplished without any tangible initiative by the Indian Government. This surely is the personal opinion of the minister because this could not be the roadmap of the Government of India seemingly as of now to reclaim PoJK until and unless some extraordinary happenings occur in the region.

Further analyzing the aforesaid statement made by the minister, who also had a background, it could be taken as a policy deficit of the Modi Government in realizing the aforesaid target if its ministers are expecting things to happen without taking any step in that direction.

There are a whole lot of senior ministers and top brass of BJP leaders, who off and on claim that the Modi government is committed to get POJK vacated from illegal occupation of Pakistan as the Indian Parliament, on numerous occasions, has unequivocally passed such resolutions. But the statement made by VK Singh has raised many unanswered questions that how come the POJK will come back without taking any dexterous step. There must be something which the minister doesn't want to share at the moment or else giving such a statement without sharing the basis has no relevance at all.

Every nationalist countryman becomes excited by simply consuming this remark that POJK, which is an integral part of India will be reclaimed by the government but statements such as the one given by Union Minister VK Singh are bamboozling in nature because how it is possible that Pakistan will hand over illegally kept POJK to India by its own when the rogue nation has waged a proxy war in the name of Kashmir all across the J&K.

For sure, the government must be having a concrete policy and roadmap to vacate the illegally occupied territory from Pakistan and it must be working on it very seriously to give shape to this significant goal in times to come, irrespective of what the aforementioned Union Minister has asserted while talking to the media.